1995 Larrivee OM-19  –  £1499

1995 Larrivee OM-19 – £1499

NEW ARRIVAL  The Larrivee 19 series is from their top end range where the beautiful Abalone inlays match the high grade tonewoods used, and the excellent build quality. The guitar features a Spruce...

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1998 Collings C10A  –  £2999

1998 Collings C10A – £2999

NEW ARRIVAL  Collings are one of the best high end acoustic guitar builders, from Austin, Texas, producing genuinely hand made guitars. This C10A is a classic fingerpickers guitar, with Adirondack...

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2016 Dave King Katrina  –  £1749

2016 Dave King Katrina – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  Over the last 20 years, Dave King has become one of the forerunners in British luthiery, all of his guitars have a genuine hand made feel, the tone and playability of which are superb....

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1988 Santa Cruz D  –  £2799

1988 Santa Cruz D – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  Santa Cruz have long been at the forefront of high end acoustic guitar building, and this Spruce / Rosewood dreadnought is a fantastic example of their craft. The sheer power and...

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2011 Collings D2H   –  £2999

2011 Collings D2H – £2999

NEW ARRIVAL  This Collings D2H is a particularly fine example, and very resonant. The Sitka Spruce top favours a strong pick attack and provides the ample headroom and power needed to cut through...

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2016 Lowden S35 M – £2999

2016 Lowden S35 M – £2999

SOLD  The 35 series are Lowden’s top of the range, using higher grade tone woods than on the standard series, slightly more (although still discreet) wood and Abalone inlays. This S35 M features...

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2015 Collings Baby 2H   –  £2799

2015 Collings Baby 2H – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  Not just a smaller version of the OM, the Collings Baby 2H is a specialised instrument in itself. The 14-fret body and 24 1/8 inch string length tunes to pitch at lower string tension,...

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2008 K Yairi NY 00 21B  –  £1249

2008 K Yairi NY 00 21B – £1249

NEW ARRIVAL  K Yairi was a master luthier, and believed that the most laborious methods of wood selection, preparation and manual carving were central to creating the ideal sound. With a small team...

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2018 Lowden 023  –  £2199

2018 Lowden 023 – £2199

SOLD  This is a great example of the original size, bigger bodied Lowden, with the very unusual combination of Cedar top and Walnut back and sides. Tonally Walnut sits somewhere between the warmth...

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