1996 Bourgeois OMC Custom  –  £2799

1996 Bourgeois OMC Custom – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  Bourgeois are one of the best high end acoustic guitar builders in the US, producing genuinely hand made guitars from Maine, New England. This very early example is a real rarity, from...

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1985 Fylde Orsino 12 String  –  £1799

1985 Fylde Orsino 12 String – £1799

NEW ARRIVAL  A 6 string Orsino is known for having a deep, rich tone - so a 12 string version is quite amazing sounding. Hit a G chord and the sound fills the room, ringing beautifully and...

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2010 Guild GAD M20  –  £449

2010 Guild GAD M20 – £449

NEW ARRIVAL  As US made original Guild M20’s are very desirable and fetch big money, Guild have introduced the Chinese made GAD series version - still made from all solid woods, Mahogany top, back...

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2006 David Oddy OM  –  £2799

2006 David Oddy OM – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  I’d only heard rumours of how good Dave Oddy guitars are, and this is the second one I’ve owned in quick succession - and they don’t disappoint. These guitars often change hands between...

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2017 Taylor 254ce-CF DLX  –  £649

2017 Taylor 254ce-CF DLX – £649

NEW ARRIVAL  Taylor have become well known for making the industry standard, stage performance electro acoustic guitar, and with the 2 series Taylor have made their stage ready guitar’s more...

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1988 Guild JC30   –  £1099

1988 Guild JC30 – £1099

NEW ARRIVAL  This is an American made Guild made in their famous Westerly factory, and a great example of Guild doing what they do best - making jumbo acoustics. This has the classic combination of...

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2006 Larrivee OM-03  –  £1249

2006 Larrivee OM-03 – £1249

NEW ARRIVAL  Made in Vancouver, the Larrivee 3 series guitars have a satin finish, and a more open sound than the gloss finished higher series guitars. The OM-03 features a Spruce top with Mahogany...

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1993 Fylde Falstaff Custom  –  £1999

1993 Fylde Falstaff Custom – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  This Fylde Falstaff Custom is a really striking looking guitar, with a deep red burst edged with Abalone binding - very eye catching. The guitar is slightly larger than a dreadnought...

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2006 Freshman FA2006 GA   –  £1499

2006 Freshman FA2006 GA – £1499

NEW ARRIVAL  Having made their name in the mid-price acoustic guitar market, in 2006 Freshman pulled out all the stops to produce a limited run of 20 guitars of the highest quality. Using Carpathian...

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2015 Millman Custom 00  –  £1499

2015 Millman Custom 00 – £1499

NEW ARRIVAL  Based in Devon, and having studied under Brook guitars, James Millman is fast gaining a reputation as an outstanding British luthier. His guitars have a very natural feel to them,...

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1930’s Supertone Parlour  –  £499

1930’s Supertone Parlour – £499

NEW ARRIVAL  Don’t be fooled by the price, 30’s Supertones are fantastic blues machines, especially for Delta blues and slide guitar. These models featured solid soundboards made from slab-sawn...

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