2001 McIlroy AJ30  –  £2299

2001 McIlroy AJ30 – £2299

NEW ARRIVAL  After 10 years working for Lowden, in 2000 Dermot McIlroy set up his own production company, making some of the finest hand made acoustic guitars. This AJ30 is one of the most...

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1994 Guild JF4 NT   –  £949

1994 Guild JF4 NT – £949

NEW ARRIVAL  This is an American made Guild produced in their famous Westerly factory, and a great example of Guild doing what they do best - making jumbo acoustics. This has the great combination...

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2016 Dave King Katrina  –  £1849

2016 Dave King Katrina – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  Over the last 20 years, Dave King has become one of the forerunners in British luthiery, all of his guitars have a genuine hand made feel, the tone and playability of which are superb....

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2021 Gomans J-S12FC  –  £1199

2021 Gomans J-S12FC – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL  Gomans are a French brand who have a unique take on guitar production. They sourced a high quality Chinese guitar builder, and instead of mass producing guitars, they commissioned...

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1995 Andy Manson Magpie  –  £2749

1995 Andy Manson Magpie – £2749

NEW ARRIVAL  Andy Manson is a highly regarded luthier from Devon, who’s output is low, and quality is high. His guitars don’t reach the used market very often as people who buy his guitars tend to...

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2008 Maton CW80  –  £899

2008 Maton CW80 – £899

NEW ARRIVAL  Maton have become quite an established brand in the UK, and are continuing to gain influence and respect with many acoustic players. As a very well known brand in Australia, players...

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2013 Larrivee LV-09  –  £1599

2013 Larrivee LV-09 – £1599

NEW ARRIVAL  The Larrivee 09 series is from their Artist range where Jean Larrivee hand picks the high grade tonewoods used, and personally oversees the excellent build quality. The L body shape is...

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1978 Guild D25 M  –  £1199

1978 Guild D25 M – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL  The Guild D25 M, with it’s Mahogany coloured stained Spruce top and arched back, has become one of the most desirable vintage Guild acoustics. Partly because of the great value for...

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1992 David Oddy OM  –  £2799

1992 David Oddy OM – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  One of the UK’s finest luthiers, David Oddy guitars are a well kept secret amongst serious acoustic players. This OM guitar is one of Oddy’s earliest models with serial number 33. It...

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2010 Yamaha APX 5A 12 string  –  £349

2010 Yamaha APX 5A 12 string – £349

NEW ARRIVAL  Yamaha’s famous APX and CPX range have been the go to mid-price electro acoustic guitar for a long time, and are still the choice of many pro and semi pro musicians. They play well,...

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1990 Washburn D20 S/N  –  £249

1990 Washburn D20 S/N – £249

NEW ARRIVAL  Don’t be fooled by the price, this Washburn D20 is a fine example of how, when a solid top guitar is really well made, it can mature into a great sounding guitar over time. The solid...

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1966 Hagstrom J45  –  £899

1966 Hagstrom J45 – £899

SOLD  For vintage looks and vibe alone, this Hagstrom take on the famous Gibson J45 is a winner. The model was first introduced in 1963, but by 1967 it had a a bolt on neck and unbound fingerboard,...

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