2017 Collings 01 12 Fret  –  £3599

2017 Collings 01 12 Fret – £3599

NEW ARRIVAL  Collings has consistently hit the mark with its superb interpretations of classic flattop acoustics, and the 01 12 Fret is a loving tribute to the 0-size parlor guitars Martin...

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2016 Waterloo Jumbo King  –  £2399

2016 Waterloo Jumbo King – £2399

NEW ARRIVAL  Collings have been considered one of the best modern guitar builders for quite a while now. In 2015, under the Waterloo banner, they decided to recreate probably the most famous guitar...

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2010 Atkin J45  –  £1849

2010 Atkin J45 – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  With Atkin guitars fast becoming one of the hottest names in acoustics, here’s a chance to buy one of his original models - a classic slope shouldered dreadnought. This J45 model...

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1994 Guild JF4 NT   –  £949

1994 Guild JF4 NT – £949

NEW ARRIVAL  Guild have long been considered one of the best builders of jumbo acoustics, and this has all the hallmarks of the American made Guild name, from their famous Westerly factory. It...

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2003 Rob Armstrong 12 String  –  £1499

2003 Rob Armstrong 12 String – £1499

NEW ARRIVAL  Rob Armstrong has been making custom made, one off guitars since 1972, and some of his more famous customers include George Harrison, Alvin Lee, Joe Brown, Bert Jansch, Gordon Giltrap...

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1958 Guild F20  –  £1699

1958 Guild F20 – £1699

NEW ARRIVAL  From it’s introduction in 1956 to 1958 the Guild F20 featured a Spruce top with Maple back and sides, before it changed to the better known Spruce / Mahogany combination. That makes...

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2012 Collings 0001 ASB  –  £3599

2012 Collings 0001 ASB – £3599

SOLD  This 0001 ASB is quite a rare find - an Adirondack Spruce / Honduras Mahogany 12 fret 000, built to Collings’ fantastic specification. It’s a classic fingerpickers guitar, with dynamic attack,...

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2021 Auden Chester  –  £999

2021 Auden Chester – £999

NEW ARRIVAL  Auden guitars are steadily gaining a great reputation for high quality acoustics at an affordable price. They import the expertly built wooden shell of a guitar, from China, then in the...

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2019 Furch Blue Plus DC-10  –  £749

2019 Furch Blue Plus DC-10 – £749

NEW ARRIVAL  Furch have been making fine guitars since 1981, and are still pushing the boundaries of production and design. The Blue Plus DC-10 features a Western Red Cedar top with African Mahogany...

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