2007 Santa Cruz D12  –  £3249

2007 Santa Cruz D12 – £3249

NEW ARRIVAL  Hand made by Santa Cruz in California, the D12 is a dreadnought body size 12 fret guitar with a European Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. It’s scallop braced, with a slot...

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2004 Olivewood 00  –  £1249

2004 Olivewood 00 – £1249

NEW ARRIVAL  Based in Nottinghamshire, Malcolm Weaver started making guitars in 2001. During this time, he developed a particular interest in small bodied steel-string guitars, which inspired him to...

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2022 Paul Toon PT-000  –  £2749

2022 Paul Toon PT-000 – £2749

NEW ARRIVAL  I’ve known Nottingham based luthier Paul Toon for about 10 years, and he’s always promised to give me one of his guitars to sell, but he’s constantly been busy with private orders. So...

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2005 Collings D2H   –  £3499

2005 Collings D2H – £3499

NEW ARRIVAL  Based in Texas, Collings are one of the best acoustic builders around, clearly taking their influences from Martin, and doing a superb job. This Collings D2H is a particularly fine...

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1999 Lowden O32 – £2499

1999 Lowden O32 – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a fine example of Lowden’s original body shape, the biggest body size they make, and with a combination of Spruce and Rosewood, probably the most dynamic. It produces a very...

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2012 David Oddy 0000  –  £2599

2012 David Oddy 0000 – £2599

NEW ARRIVAL  Built in Devon, and hand made to the highest quality, Oddy guitars have become amongst the most highly acclaimed acoustic guitars on the market. This 0000 is a thing of beauty, and...

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2018 Fender Paramount PM-2E  –  £349

2018 Fender Paramount PM-2E – £349

NEW ARRIVAL  The Fender Paramount PM-2E is a fine example of Fender’s are deco acoustic range, which harks back to their acoustics of the 60’s. It featurs all-solid wood body construction, built-in...

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2010 Collings 02H 14 Fret   –  £3499

2010 Collings 02H 14 Fret – £3499

SOLD  Not just a smaller version of the OM, the Collings 02H is a specialised instrument in itself. The size and voicing give it an exceptionally balanced EQ with a wonderful complex tone and...

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2003 Taylor 314CE  –  £1299

2003 Taylor 314CE – £1299

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a fine example of Taylor doing what they did best back in the 90’s and early 2000’s - changing the face of the electro acoustic world. Before their Expression system, the...

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