1979 Larrivee L-11  –  £1249

1979 Larrivee L-11 – £1249

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a fine example of an excellent Canadian hand made guitar and, even though Jean Larrivee later relocated to California, it’s the Canadian built guitars that are still desirable....

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1978 Fylde Orsino  –  £1799

1978 Fylde Orsino – £1799

NEW ARRIVAL This is a rare example of a really high end, British made acoustic guitar. The Fylde Goodfellow is loosely based on a dreadnought body shape, and features a select Western Red Cedar top...

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1969 Fender Villager  –  £949

1969 Fender Villager – £949

NEW ARRIVAL  The Fender Villager was only produced between 1965 - 71, and is the 12 string equivalent to the Fender Newporter, with the hockey stick headstock used on the electric Fender XII. The...

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2018 Furch BAR21-SW Baritone  –  £1199

2018 Furch BAR21-SW Baritone – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL   Furch are a very high end, hand built Guitar brand, made in the Czech Republic since 1981 - also re-branded as Stonebridge for sale in North America. This particular guitar is a custom...

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1997 Santa Cruz 00   –  £2799

1997 Santa Cruz 00 – £2799

SOLD  Not just a smaller version of the 000, the Santa Cruz 00 is a specialised instrument in itself. The 12-fret body and 24-3/4 inch string length tunes to pitch at lower string tension, making...

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2006 Bourgeous Signature D  –  £2799

2006 Bourgeous Signature D – £2799

ON HOLD  This guitar is Dana Bourgeous’ modern re-creation of the pre-1944 Herringbone Martin D28. However, this is not a standard model, this guitar has an Adirondack Red Spruce top with Bearclaw...

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2018 Taylor 224ce K Dlx  –  £1099

2018 Taylor 224ce K Dlx – £1099

NEW ARRIVAL  The first thing to mention about this guitar is it’s stunning good looks - Koa is one of the most beautifully figured tone woods. Combined with the Grand Auditorium body shape, West...

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1997 Goodall AMhS Aloah  –  £2799

1997 Goodall AMhS Aloah – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  Goodall are one of the best small production companies that American luthiery has to offer, producing genuinely hand made guitars. And since he's decreased production numbers, James...

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1972 Guild F20  –  £999

1972 Guild F20 – £999

NEW ARRIVAL Made in Guild’s famous Westerly factory in 1972, this F20 is a 00 size guitar, with Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. Despite it’s small body size, this guitar is very versatile,...

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