2012 David Oddy Custom D  –  £2799

2012 David Oddy Custom D – £2799

SOLD I’d only heard rumours of how good Dave Oddy guitars are, but this is the first one I’ve owned - and it doesn’t disappoint. These guitars often change hands between enthusiasts, and rarely come...

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1979 Guild D40C  –  £999

1979 Guild D40C – £999

Only made between 1975 - 1991 the D40C is the cutaway version of the more famous D40. It was produced along side the D50 and the two models became known as the ultimate bluegrass guitars - the D40...

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1977 Guild D25M  –  £899

1977 Guild D25M – £899

Made in the Westerly, Rhode Island factory, this is an all original 1977 Guild D25M, in very good condition. It’s a Spruce topped (stained Mahogany) dreadnought with an arched back - this gives more...

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2015 Millman JM28  £1499

2015 Millman JM28 £1499

Based in Devon, and having studied under Brook guitars, James Millman is fast gaining a reputation as an outstanding British luthier. His guitars have a very natural feel to them, traditionally...

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2010 Larrivee P05 Mahogany  –  £1199

2010 Larrivee P05 Mahogany – £1199

Larrivee started building their first Parlor guitars in 1999, and in a short space of time have become considered one of the premier builders in the market - aimed at pro level, but at a price that...

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Ex Demo Avalon A2-20  –  £1999

Ex Demo Avalon A2-20 – £1999

There's something very special about Avalon’s rebranded guitars, maybe it's the thicker than usual top, the unique bracing, the stronger neck join making alternative tunings a joy….. I just know...

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2016 Dave King Katrina  –  £1749

2016 Dave King Katrina – £1749

Over the last 20 years, Dave King has become one of the forerunners in British luthiery, all of his guitars have a genuine hand made feel, the tone and playability of which are superb. This example...

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2009 Atkin Jumbo Std  –  £1799

2009 Atkin Jumbo Std – £1799

Alister Atkin is fast becoming a big name in British luthiery. Based in Canterbury his build quality, attention to detail, and fantastic tone and feel are quite exceptional. This example is a jumbo...

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2008 Avalon D300A   –  £1999

2008 Avalon D300A – £1999

Hand crafted in Ireland in the same shop, and by many of the same highly skilled luthiers, that gave birth to Lowden guitars, the Avalon Americana D300A owes as much to Gibson’s heritage as it does...

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