1991 Lowden 010 Custom  –  £2199

1991 Lowden 010 Custom – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  This is where it all started for Lowden, the O10, the original bigger body guitar with a Cedar top and Mahogany back and sides. The first thing to mention is the look of the guitar - it...

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2014 Breedlove Oregon  –  £1249

2014 Breedlove Oregon – £1249

NEW ARRIVAL  Although Myrtlewood may be new to many players, Breedlove has been building custom guitars from this exceptional tonewood for over 20 years, achieving fantastic results. Paired with a...

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1999 Nick Benjamin JOM   –  £2199

1999 Nick Benjamin JOM – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  Nick Benjamin guitars are a well kept secret amongst acoustic players. His entry level guitars start at £4500 with a 2 year waiting list. So to find one of his fine instruments on the...

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1998 Brook Teign  –  £999

1998 Brook Teign – £999

ON HOLD  Hand built in Devon, Brook are one of the UK’s foremost acoustic guitar builders and, along with the likes of Fylde and Lowden have become known for having a classic British sound. With a...

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2014 Collings CJ35 SB  –  £2999

2014 Collings CJ35 SB – £2999

SOLD  Drawing inspiration from the famous Gibson J-35 of the 1930’s, the Collings CJ (Collings Jumbo) designed by master luthier Bill Collings, is a kind of mixture of the jumbo and dreadnought body...

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2012 David Oddy 0000  –  £2799

2012 David Oddy 0000 – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  David Oddy guitars have become a thing of myth and legend, as they’re so highly thought of, but rarely come on the second hand market. This 0000 is a thing of beauty, and sounds even...

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2014 Lowden O32 – £2199

2014 Lowden O32 – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a fine example of Lowden’s original body shape, the biggest body size they make, and with a combination of Spruce and Rosewood, probably the most dynamic. It produces a very...

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1986 Fylde Othello 12 fret  –  £1799

1986 Fylde Othello 12 fret – £1799

NEW ARRIVAL  Not only is the Othello one of Fylde’s the rarest models as it’s now discontinued, this particular example is a one off as it has a 12 fret neck join. Tonally it's fantastic, the...

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2017 Brook Taw Custom  –  £1899

2017 Brook Taw Custom – £1899

SOLD  Brook are one of a handful of British luthiers who are held in high regard by players and collectors alike, and as such, their guitars don’t appear on the used market very often. This Custom...

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