1999 Charles Fox D-Napa  –  £1999

1999 Charles Fox D-Napa – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  A little known name in the UK, Charles Fox is a very important name in the world of acoustic guitar building. He’s the founder of the American School of Lutherie, and as such has...

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2007 Atkin Slope D  –  £1749

2007 Atkin Slope D – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  With Atkin guitars fast becoming one of the hottest names in acoustics, here’s a chance to buy one of his original models - a classic slope shouldered dreadnought. This Slope D features...

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2015 Larrivee D-02  –  £999

2015 Larrivee D-02 – £999

NEW ARRIVAL  As Larrivee’s entry level range, the 02 series is impressive. It has all solid tone wood construction, with a dovetail neck joint for great stability, and Gotoh tuners - all hand...

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1990 Lowden O10C – £2199

1990 Lowden O10C – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  Lowdens are the one brand of guitar, other than some vintage guitars, that have the quality that I like to call unputdownableness. This O10C is hugely responsive. The first thing that...

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1992 David Oddy OM  –  £2799

1992 David Oddy OM – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  One of the UK’s finest luthiers, David Oddy guitars are a well kept secret amongst serious acoustic players. This OM guitar is one of Oddy’s earliest models with serial number 33. It...

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1998 Collings Baby 2H  –  £3199

1998 Collings Baby 2H – £3199

SOLD  Not just a smaller version of the OM, the Collings Baby 2H is a specialised instrument in itself. The 14-fret body and 24 1/8 inch string length tunes to pitch at lower string tension, making...

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2013 Larrivee LV-09 Rosewood  –  £1649

2013 Larrivee LV-09 Rosewood – £1649

NEW ARRIVAL  The Larrivee 09 series is from their Artist range where Jean Larrivee hand picks the high grade tonewoods used, and personally oversees the excellent build quality. The L body shape is...

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2001 Tacoma Papoose  –  £749

2001 Tacoma Papoose – £749

NEW ARRIVAL  The Papoose was the first guitar Tacoma ever made, and as they stopped trading in 2008, it’s quite a rare find. It’s size is similar to a baritone uke, designed to be tuned A-D-G-C-E-A,...

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1943 Levin Model 47  –  £749

1943 Levin Model 47 – £749

NEW ARRIVAL  Levin are best known for their 60’s Goliath model, famously played by Pete Townsend and Eric Clapton, among many others. They also have a great reputation for making beautiful archtops,...

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1993 Lowden S23 Custom  –  £2299

1993 Lowden S23 Custom – £2299

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a great example of the smaller body size Lowden, with a Custom Spruce top, Abalone rosette, and Gotoh 510 tuners, all coupled with Walnut back and sides. Tonally Walnut sits...

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