1993 Fylde Goodfellow  –  £1799

1993 Fylde Goodfellow – £1799

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a rare example of a really high end, British made acoustic guitar. The Fylde Goodfellow is a 00 size, with select Western Red Cedar top and Honduras Mahogany back and sides....

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1978 Fylde Orsino  –  £1799

1978 Fylde Orsino – £1799

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a very early example of a Fylde Orsino, and the age has really matured the tone. The first thing you notice is the depth of the bass, well rounded and rich, yet not overpowering...

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2011 Atkin 00 Std  –  £1849

2011 Atkin 00 Std – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  This is another fine example of Alistair Atkin’s high end build quality and playability. The 00 Standard is Spruce topped with Mahogany back and sides, it has an Ebony fingerboard and...

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1996 Lowden D32   –  £1999

1996 Lowden D32 – £1999

SOLD  A Lowden dreadnought is quite a rare thing, only made for a few years. On first play it feels like a bit of a hybrid, with Lowden’s famous tone working well for Celtic style, mixed with a...

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2013 Moon RD3  –  £1399

2013 Moon RD3 – £1399

NEW ARRIVAL  From his humble beginnings in 1969 from a small workshop on the Island of Arran off the west coast of Scotland, Jimmy Moon is now held in the high esteem as a major player in British...

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1979 Fylde Orsino  –  £1799

1979 Fylde Orsino – £1799

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a rare example of a really high end, British made acoustic guitar. The Fylde Orsino is loosely based on a dreadnought body shape, and features a Red Cedar top and Honduras...

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1995 Guild JF55  –  £1799

1995 Guild JF55 – £1799

NEW ARRIVAL  The Guild JF55 is a deluxe version of the JF50, and probably Guild's best known jumbo model, the classic Sruce / Rosewood combination, making it one of the most popular flatpicking /...

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2007 Atkin SJ  –  £1599

2007 Atkin SJ – £1599

NEW ARRIVAL  I’m a big fan of Atkin guitars, and find his approach to guitar building very refreshing. This SJ model is essentially a mini jumbo featuring a  Cedar top and Rosewood back and sides....

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1995 Lowden O10C – £1999

1995 Lowden O10C – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL   Lowdens are the one brand of guitar, other than some vintage guitars, that have the quality that I like to call unputdownableness. This O10C is hugely responsive. The first thing that...

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1998 Collings Baby 2H   –  £2799

1998 Collings Baby 2H – £2799

SOLD  Not just a smaller version of the OM, the Collings Baby 2H is a specialised instrument in itself. The 14-fret body and 24 1/8 inch string length tunes to pitch at lower string tension, making...

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