1994 Lowden S23c – £1999

1994 Lowden S23c – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a great example of a small bodied Lowden, with the less common combination of Cedar top and Walnut back and sides. The first thing to mention is the look of the guitar - it has...

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2013 McIlroy AS25 Custom  –  £2199

2013 McIlroy AS25 Custom – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  After 10 years working for Lowden, in 2000 Dermot McIlroy set up his own production company, making some of the finest hand made acoustic guitars. This AS25 Custom is one of the most...

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2009 Larrivee L-03-12R  –  £1299

2009 Larrivee L-03-12R – £1299

NEW ARRIVAL  Larrivee’s L-03-12R is no longer in production, in fact the only 03 series 12 string currently available is a Spruce / Mahogany model retailing for $2349. I think they’ve missed a trick...

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2010 Bedell OH 12 GS Parlour  £899

2010 Bedell OH 12 GS Parlour £899

NEW ARRIVAL  Going under the name ‘Two Old Hippies’, Bedell made their name by producing guitars from ethically sourced woods with sustainability in mind. From their Performance Series, this...

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2003 Larrivee O-01 Mahogany  –  £1099

2003 Larrivee O-01 Mahogany – £1099

NEW ARRIVAL  Larrivee started building their first parlour guitars in 1999, and in a short space of time have become considered one of the premier builders in the market - aimed at pro level, but at...

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2002 Taylor 510 Ltd  –  £1099

2002 Taylor 510 Ltd – £1099

SOLD  Taylor have become well known for making some of the most recognisable, easy playing acoustic guitars around, and this 510 Ltd model is a fine example. The Spruce top and beautifully figured...

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2006 Lowden S32  –  £2199

2006 Lowden S32 – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  Lowdens are one of the few modern makes of guitar I would choose to have rather than buying vintage. There's something about George Lowden's creations, maybe it's the thicker than usual...

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1971 Guild D25M  –  £1199

1971 Guild D25M – £1199

ON HOLD  This is a great chance to buy a vintage US made Guild, at a price you wouldn't normally expect, made in the famous Hoboken factory in New Jersey. The Guild D25M is the model famously played...

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2007 Atkin Slope D   –  £1899

2007 Atkin Slope D – £1899

NEW ARRIVAL  In my view, Alistair Atkin is one of the shining lights of modern British luthiery. He keeps his designs classic, the build quality superb, and the playability fantastic. This Slope D...

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1979 Rob Armstrong 000  –  £1499

1979 Rob Armstrong 000 – £1499

NEW ARRIVAL  Rob Armstrong has been making custom made, one off guitars since 1972, and some of his more famous customers include George Harrison, Alvin Lee, Joe Brown, Bert Jansch, Gordon Giltrap...

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2004 Santa Cruz D P/W  –  £2799

2004 Santa Cruz D P/W – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  Santa Cruz are one of the best high end acoustic guitar builders, producing genuinely hand made guitars from California. The Santa Cruz D P/W model is a slope shouldered dreadnought,...

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