1955 Martin 00-17  –  £3499

1955 Martin 00-17 – £3499

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a great example of a difficult to find Martin model. Now very popular as Martin reissues, this is one of the originals, an all Mahogany 00 size acoustic. Tonally it has a warm, smooth sound, surprisingly full sounding when strummed, with...

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1998 Martin D18  –  £1999

1998 Martin D18 – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  The D18 is the all American guitar. It’s the sound of Americana, the warm, laid back, melodic sound has been heard on countless recordings, and played by just about anyone who’s anyone. This example is 24 years old, so it’s aged just the right amount, the...

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1999 Martin OM-21  –  £1999

1999 Martin OM-21 – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  The OM-21 is one of the most popular Martin guitar models, only two years after its introduction, the OM-21 was the top-selling non-dreadnought in the Martin range. This guitar’s combination of mid sized body, and long scale neck, with 1-3/4 nut size,...

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1949 Martin 0-17T Tenor  –  £1749

1949 Martin 0-17T Tenor – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  The Tenor Guitar was originally developed by C F Martin as a transition instrument, allowing tenor banjo players to easily switch to more popular guitar tones. The first tenor guitars appeared towards the end of the 1920’s, and they were produced mostly...

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2005 Martin D18V  –  £2299

2005 Martin D18V – £2299

NEW ARRIVAL  This Martin D18V has all the high end characteristics associated with a vintage D18, plus 17 years of play which has added maturity to the tone. It features a Sitka Spruce top, which is a very powerful sounding tonewood, and solid Mahogany back and sides,...

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2017 Martin D21 Special  –  £2499

2017 Martin D21 Special – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  The Martin D21 was only produced between 1955 - 1969, and has since become a lesser known model. Essentially a D28 with D18 appointments, but very importantly it has forward shifted scalopped bracing. So every time Martin produce a limited run of D21’s...

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2008 Martin D35  –  £2499

2008 Martin D35 – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  A lot of people consider the Martin D35 to be a deluxe version of a D28, which is arguably the benchmark Spruce / Rosewood dreadnought. Tonally it has a very complex sound, great depth and resonance, plenty of punch and attack, and well balanced with...

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1987 Martin M64  –  £2199

1987 Martin M64 – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  Only produced between 1985 - 1995, the Martin M64 is a very unusual guitar. The M series is a great all-round body design from Martin, big enough to to challenge a jumbo in volume, but not as deep bodied making it far more comfortable to play. Essentially...

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2017 Martin Custom Shop 000 Sinker Mahogany  –  £3599

2017 Martin Custom Shop 000 Sinker Mahogany – £3599

NEW ARRIVAL  This Custom Shop Martin 000 really is a thing of beauty, using some of the most figured Mahogany I’ve seen, and as a Custom Shop model the attention to detail is superb. Usually a Custom Shop model would feature high end ornamentation and / or a...

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2016 Martin 00-28  –  £2199

2016 Martin 00-28 – £2199

SOLD  The Martin 00-28 is an 00 size guitar with a Sitka Spruce top and Rosewood back and sides with scallop bracing. It features an Ebony fretboard and bridge, open back butterbean tuners, plus bone nut and saddle. All of these appointments are signs of real quality,...

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1972 Martin D28  –  £2999

1972 Martin D28 – £2999

SOLD  Over the years, the D28 has become pretty much the industry standard Spruce / Rosewood dreadnought. It’s been played by countless famous musicians, and features on many classic songs. Early 70’s examples are becoming amongst the most desirable, since prices of...

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2021 Martin D18 1933 Ambertone  –  £2199

2021 Martin D18 1933 Ambertone – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  The Martin D18 is the original 14-fret Martin dreadnought - introduced in 1931 it’s an American classic. The new Martin D-18 harks back to the company's "Golden Era" instruments, featuring forward-shifted scalloped X-bracing, Ebony bridge &...

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