1959 Guild M20  –  £1999

1959 Guild M20 – £1999

SOLD  It’s unusual for a guitar to be linked with one particular player, but the Guild M20 will always be considered the Nick Drake guitar. There are other small bodied, all Mahogany guitars out...

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1979 Guild D25 CH  –  £1099

1979 Guild D25 CH – £1099

NEW ARRIVAL  The Guild D25 represents a very affordable way of owning a vintage American made acoustic. Made in the famous Westerly factory in Rhode Island, the Guild D25 is a dreadnought shape,...

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2003 Taylor 355 12 String  –  £1249

2003 Taylor 355 12 String – £1249

NEW ARRIVAL  Taylor have become well known for making some of the most recognisable, easy playing acoustic guitars around, and on a 12 string their unmistakable bright, bold tone works very well....

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1990 Lowden O10C – £2199

1990 Lowden O10C – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  Lowdens are the one brand of guitar, other than some vintage guitars, that have the quality that I like to call unputdownableness. This O10C is hugely responsive. The first thing that...

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2013 Larrivee LV-09 Rosewood  –  £1649

2013 Larrivee LV-09 Rosewood – £1649

NEW ARRIVAL  The Larrivee 09 series is from their Artist range where Jean Larrivee hand picks the high grade tonewoods used, and personally oversees the excellent build quality. The L body shape is...

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1943 Levin Model 47  –  £749

1943 Levin Model 47 – £749

NEW ARRIVAL  Levin are best known for their 60’s Goliath model, famously played by Pete Townsend and Eric Clapton, among many others. They also have a great reputation for making beautiful archtops,...

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1961 Stella H912 12 String  –  £899

1961 Stella H912 12 String – £899

SOLD  There are few 12 string acoustics with such a rich history. This is the model famously played by Rory Gallagher and Kurt Cobain, both influenced by Lead Belly who played an earlier Stella 12...

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1930’s Oahu Parlour  –  £749

1930’s Oahu Parlour – £749

NEW ARRIVAL  Don’t be fooled by the price, 30’s Oahu’s are fantastic blues machines, especially for Delta blues and slide guitar. These models featured solid soundboards made from slab-sawn Birch...

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1996 Lowden D22   –  £2199

1996 Lowden D22 – £2199

SOLD  A Lowden dreadnought is quite a rare thing, only made for a few years. On first play it feels like a bit of a hybrid, with Lowden’s famous tone working well for Celtic style, mixed with a...

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