1939 Kalamazoo Cromwell L50   –  £1249

1939 Kalamazoo Cromwell L50 – £1249

NEW ARRIVAL  Cromwell are one of the lesser known depression era brands made by Gibson between 1934 - 1940. They have a similar look and feel to the Gibsons of the same era, but were built with...

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1938 Kalamazoo KG11  –  1499

1938 Kalamazoo KG11 – 1499

NEW ARRIVAL  Gibson's Depression era Kalamazoo line of guitars are gaining respect in the vintage guitar world, and provide great intrinsic value considering the relative cost. While built as a less...

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1939 Gibson Cromwell L50   –  £999

1939 Gibson Cromwell L50 – £999

NEW ARRIVAL  During the Great Depression, Gibson realised that most people couldn’t afford their guitars, so they made more affordable versions under different names - Kalamazoo being the best...

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2020 Gibson L00 Deluxe  –  £2199

2020 Gibson L00 Deluxe – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  The Gibson L00 Deluxe is a fine example of what Gibson’s Custom Shop can do to improve on a classic design, make it tonally more impressive, and more beautiful to look at. The Rosewood...

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1965 Gibson B25 3/4  –  £1849

1965 Gibson B25 3/4 – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a great example of a very hard to find model only made between 1962 and 1968, replacing the LG2 3/4 which was famously played by Arlo Guthry. As a 3/4 size guitar it doesn't...

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1915 Gibson L-1  –  £2199

1915 Gibson L-1 – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  Built during the first World War, over 100 years ago, this L-1 has aged well and remains a beautiful and really playable guitar. A small archtop with round soundhole, carved Birch and...

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1973 Gibson J200 Artist  –  £2799

1973 Gibson J200 Artist – £2799

SOLD  They call the J200 King Of The Flat Tops, and it has to be one of the most famous acoustic guitars in the world, and with 60’s examples becoming so expensive, early 70’s J200’s are becoming...

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1974 Gibson Hummingbird  –  £2199

1974 Gibson Hummingbird – £2199

SOLD  This is one of the best sounding 70’s Hummingbirds I’ve had for quite a while, and visually it has to be my favourite model. The cherry sunburst is still vivid, with fantastic looking lacquer...

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2016 Gibson J35  –  £1249

2016 Gibson J35 – £1249

NEW ARRIVAL  Introduced in 1936 the J-35 was the predecessor to the iconic J-45, until production stopped during World War II. Other than the occasional limited edition, Gibson resurrected the J-35...

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1965 Gibson Southern Jumbo  –  £2599

1965 Gibson Southern Jumbo – £2599

ON HOLD  For me this is one of the most iconic looking Gibson acoustic guitars - a square shouldered dreadnought with a three point tortoiseshell pickguard, a dark sunburst top, and eye catching...

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1968 Epiphone El Dorado  –  £2199

1968 Epiphone El Dorado – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  Gibson bought Epiphone in 1957, and moved it to the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1960. Epiphones were then built in the Gibson factory from 1960 - 1969 until being...

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