1967 Epiphone Texan  –  £1999

1967 Epiphone Texan – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  This guitar is a great example of a Gibson made Epiphone, during the time when Gibson had bought Epiphone and both brands were made under the same roof in Kalamazoo Michigan. It’s...

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1993 Gibson J30  –  £1199

1993 Gibson J30 – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL  Only available between 1985-1997, the J30 was originally designed to be a budget version of a J45, and is a classic example of the 'workhorse' guitar. The square shouldered dreadnought,...

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1944 Epiphone Blackstone  –  £1499

1944 Epiphone Blackstone – £1499

NEW ARRIVAL  The Blackstone was introduced in Epiphone’s original archtop line of 1931, with a 14 3/4". By 1936 it took it’s final form with the 16 3/8" lower bout, and the centre-dip headstock...

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1965 Gibson LG1  –  £1849

1965 Gibson LG1 – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  This 1965 Gibson LG1 is a great example of an affordable 60’s Gibson, with authentic tone that no modern guitar can come close to. Visually it’s just what you’d want from a 60’s Gibson,...

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2007 Gibson Advanced Jumbo  –  £2199

2007 Gibson Advanced Jumbo – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  In the mid '30s, Gibson luthiers decided to build the best-sounding, most powerful flat-top acoustic ever. The result was the Advanced Jumbo. What Gibson’s luthiers discovered was a...

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1965 Epiphone Cortez  –  £1749

1965 Epiphone Cortez – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  Gibson bought Epiphone in 1957, and moved it to the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1960. Epiphones were then built in the Gibson factory from 1960 - 1969 until being...

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1938 Kalamazoo KG21  –  £1349

1938 Kalamazoo KG21 – £1349

NEW ARRIVAL  Depression era Gibsons, made on a tighter budget and branded Kalamazoos, are one of the best ways to get 30’s Gibson tone without the high price tag. Then there’s the cool factor of...

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1963 Epiphone Caballero  –  £1299

1963 Epiphone Caballero – £1299

NEW ARRIVAL  With Epiphones being built in the Gibson factory from 1960 - 1969 until being transferred to Japan in early 1970, this 1963 Epiphone Caballero is the equivalent of a Gibson LG0 - a...

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2014 Gibson J45 Brown Top  –  £1799

2014 Gibson J45 Brown Top – £1799

NEW ARRIVAL  Known as "The Workhorse," the Gibson J-45 body style is among Gibson's most beloved. This particular Custom Shop example sits at the top of Gibson's J-45 line, and features a superb...

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2018 Gibson LG2 Legend  –  £2199

2018 Gibson LG2 Legend – £2199

SOLD  In 2018 Gibson Custom Shop released a very short run of only 5 LG2 Tribute guitars, and tried to make the most authentic sounding LG2 by using a thermally aged Adirondack Red Spruce top. This...

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