1963 Epiphone Caballero  –  £1399

1963 Epiphone Caballero – £1399

NEW ARRIVAL  With Epiphones being built in the Gibson factory from 1960 - 1969 until being transferred to Japan in early 1970, this 1963 Epiphone Caballero is the equivalent of a Gibson LG0 - a...

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1991 Gibson Nick Lucas  –  £2499

1991 Gibson Nick Lucas – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  The Gibson Nick Lucas was their first ever artist model, produced between 1926 - 1928. When Gibson approached Lucas, asking him what specifications he’d like on his own model, he asked...

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2003 Gibson J185 –  £2199

2003 Gibson J185 – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  The J185 is the ideal guitar for someone who wants a J200 but finds them too big and bulky to play. It’s 16 1/4" wide with a scale length of 24 3/4" rather than a J200 which is 16 7/8"...

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1931 Epiphone Triumph  –  £1649

1931 Epiphone Triumph – £1649

NEW ARRIVAL  The Triumph was introduced in Epiphone’s original archtop line of 1931, with a 15 3/4" lower bout, Walnut back and sides, 3 segment F holes, and the Masterbuilt block logo. By 1933 the...

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2016 Gibson Keb Mo  –  £2299

2016 Gibson Keb Mo – £2299

NEW ARRIVAL  Gibson’s Custom Shop teamed up with three-time Grammy Award Winner Keb' Mo' to produce a modern blues guitar that references the Delta blues music that is the heart of his inspiration....

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1936 Kalamazoo KG14  –  £1849

1936 Kalamazoo KG14 – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  There are few acoustic guitars more wrapped up in music history than the Kalamazoo KG14. It's the model that Robert Johnson played in his first studio session in November 1936 before...

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2018 Gibson SJ200 Standard  –  £2999

2018 Gibson SJ200 Standard – £2999

SOLD  They call the J200 King Of The Flat Tops, and it has to be one of the most famous acoustic guitars in the world. This is a great example, visually it's stunning, with the iconic scratchplate...

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1989 Epiphone SQ180  –  £399

1989 Epiphone SQ180 – £399

NEW ARRIVAL  The Gibson J180 Everly Brothers has to be one of their most striking looking guitars, but with prices inaccessable for most, the Epiphone SQ180 is a more affordable alternative, but...

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1961 Gibson J50  –  £3999

1961 Gibson J50 – £3999

SOLD  Early 60’s J50’s are getting harder to find, and this is a fine example of the classic Spruce / Mahogany slope shouldered shape with a honey coloured top, with dark red tortoise pickguard....

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1971 Gibson Southern Jumbo  –  £2199

1971 Gibson Southern Jumbo – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  This 1971 Southern Jumbo has all the feel and vibe of the very desirable 60’s examples, but at a more affordable price. And unlike the mid 70’s examples, it has the iconic split...

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