2006 Gibson J165 Rosewood –  £1749

2006 Gibson J165 Rosewood – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  The J165 is an equivalent to the better known J185, only with Rosewood back and sides. The mini jumbo is a more comfortable body size than a jumbo, and because of it's smaller...

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1964 Gibson J50  –  £2799

1964 Gibson J50 – £2799

SOLD  Early 60’s J50’s are getting harder to find, and this is a fine example of the classic Spruce / Mahogany slope shouldered shape with a dark honey coloured top, with vivid red tortoise...

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1955 Epiphone Zephyr Regent  –  £1649

1955 Epiphone Zephyr Regent – £1649

NEW ARRIVAL  Introduced in 1950, the Zephyr Regent was Epiphone's most popular electric cutaway guitar. Epi's journeyman 17" instrument, the Zephyr Regent was positioned against its main competitor,...

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1953 Gibson J45  –  £3499

1953 Gibson J45 – £3499

NEW ARRIVAL  The J45 is known as the workhorse guitar, and this example really is a workhorse, with all the bumps and bruises to prove it - and the kind of mature tone that only comes with years and...

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1927 Gibson L-3  –  £2749

1927 Gibson L-3 – £2749

NEW ARRIVAL   This is probably my favourite look of all the pre war Gibsons, the stunning sunburst finish has a real glow to it. The L-3 is a very important model as it remained the only small...

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1966 Gibson J200  –  £4799

1966 Gibson J200 – £4799

NEW ARRIVAL  They call the J200 King Of The Flat Tops, and it has to be one of the most famous acoustic guitars in the world, and vintage examples are amongst the most desirable. This is a great...

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1935 Epiphone Triumph  –  £1699

1935 Epiphone Triumph – £1699

NEW ARRIVAL  Made by Epiphone while they were still in their New York factory, before the Gibson takeover, the Triumph is one of their classier archtop models. It features a bound headstock with...

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2014 Gibson J45 Standard   –  £1499

2014 Gibson J45 Standard – £1499

SOLD  The J45 has always been one of the most iconic acoustic guitars, and in this Standard reissue Gibson have accurately reproduced one of their most famous models and, as a slope shouldered...

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1925 Gibson L-1  –  £2199

1925 Gibson L-1 – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  This guitar is a real beauty, and in amazing condition for a nearly 100 year old guitar. It's a rare example of an arch top guitar with a central sound hole. Tonally it's voiced for...

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2020 Gibson L00 Studio Walnut  –  £1199

2020 Gibson L00 Studio Walnut – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL  The Gibson L-00 was originally developed in the 30's and for years was classed as an industry standard. The newly released L-00 Studio Walnut offers the characteristics and superb tonal...

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1966 Epiphone Serenader  –  £1299

1966 Epiphone Serenader – £1299

NEW ARRIVAL  Made in 1966 in the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Serenader is the Epiphone equivalent of a Gibson B25-12. It’s one of the few examples where a small bodied guitar makes a...

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