2007 Gibson SJ100 –  £1999

2007 Gibson SJ100 – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  The Gibson SJ-100 is one of the largest bodied flat top acoustics that you can buy today. With a long history dating back all the way to 1941 it’s been reissued in a number of different...

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1972 Gibson B25  –  £1749

1972 Gibson B25 – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  The B25 was produced between 1962 - 1977, replacing the better known LG2. As an early 70’s example this guitar has a dark cherry sunburst, which contrasts well with the black teardrop...

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2017 Gibson SJ200 Standard  –  £3299

2017 Gibson SJ200 Standard – £3299

NEW ARRIVAL  This is the Daddy, the King of the Flat Tops. Nothing sounds or looks quite like an SJ200. A jumbo body with Spruce top and Flamed Maple back and sides, all in a stunning tobacco burst....

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2007 Gibson Hummingbird  –  £2699

2007 Gibson Hummingbird – £2699

NEW ARRIVAL  The Gibson Hummingbird should be in the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Think Keith Richards playing Wild Horses and it takes you there. It’s as good looking as it is great sounding. A...

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1937 Kalamazoo KG11  –  £1849

1937 Kalamazoo KG11 – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  Gibson's Depression era Kalamazoo line of guitars are gaining respect in the vintage guitar world, and provide great intrinsic value considering the relative cost. While built as a less...

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1955 Gibson J50  –  £5499

1955 Gibson J50 – £5499

NEW ARRIVAL  If you've always wanted the legendary 50's Gibson dreadnought tone, this is a fine example - It has the look, the feel and the vibe. The playing experience makes this guitar something...

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2019 Gibson L00 Deluxe  –  £2399

2019 Gibson L00 Deluxe – £2399

NEW ARRIVAL  This is yet another example of Gibson Custom Shop taking an already existing model, tweaking it, adding some bling, and making it into something really special in it’s own right. What...

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2020 Gibson 1934 Jumbo  –  £2999

2020 Gibson 1934 Jumbo – £2999

NEW ARRIVAL  In 1934 Gibson released the Jumbo, larger than any other guitar Gibson offered at the time. Only in production for two years, these rare guitars quickly became artist favourites, and...

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1934 Gibson L00  –  £4999

1934 Gibson L00 – £4999

ON HOLD  The L00 is probably Gibson’s most desirable pre war acoustic, and they’re becoming more difficult to find. This is an old warhorse of a guitar, and has the scars to prove it - three...

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2023 Gibson Hummingbird  –  £2699

2023 Gibson Hummingbird – £2699

NEW ARRIVAL  The Hummingbird is one of Gibson’s most iconic acoustic guitars, and visually one of the most striking. The dark tobacco sunburst finish blending into an amber centre, contrasting...

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2011 Gibson SJ200 Studio  –  £2499

2011 Gibson SJ200 Studio – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  Gibson’s Studio range gives the chance to buy classic Gibson models in a stripped back format. There’s nothing budget about them, just some of the bells and some of the whistles are...

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