2010 Gibson Blues King –  £1399

2010 Gibson Blues King – £1399

NEW ARRIVAL  The Gibson Blues King is a reissue of one of the most iconic blues guitars ever - the Gibson L-00. A great example to Gibson's attention to detail, from the script Gibson headstock logo...

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1966 Gibson Country Western  –  £2499

1966 Gibson Country Western – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  For me this is one of the most iconic looking Gibson acoustic guitars - a square shouldered dreadnought with a three point tortoiseshell pickguard, a dark honey coloured top, and eye...

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1998 Gibson Early J45  –  £1799

1998 Gibson Early J45 – £1799

SOLD  Only in production for a couple of years, the Early J45 was designed by Ren Ferguson. It’s a reproduction of a ’52-’54 spec J45, featuring a wider neck and lighter bracing than the modern...

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1973 Gibson SJ Deluxe  –  £1749

1973 Gibson SJ Deluxe – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL This is a great example of a vintage Gibson square shouldered dreadnought. It has an iconic look with a vivid cherry sunburst Spruce top, beautifully complimented by a 3 point...

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1947 – 51 Gibson LG2  –  £2799

1947 – 51 Gibson LG2 – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  The LG2 was made from 1942 - 1962, possibly the most desirable small bodied post war Gibson model available. It’s a 00 size guitar with very desirable X bracing, making the guitar...

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2015 Gibson L00 Acacia  –  £1799

2015 Gibson L00 Acacia – £1799

In 2015 Gibson’s Custom Shop produced a limited run of L00’s with Acacia back and sides - one of the most spectacular looking tone woods, similar in tone and appearance to Koa. The guitar bears all...

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1936 Kalamazoo KG21  –  £1349

1936 Kalamazoo KG21 – £1349

Depression era Gibsons, made on a tighter budget and branded Kalamazoos, are one of the best ways to get 30’s Gibson tone without the high price tag. Then there’s the cool factor of having a Gibson...

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1966 Gibson LG1  –  £1649

1966 Gibson LG1 – £1649

This 1966 Gibson LG1 is a great example of an affordable 60’s Gibson, with authentic tone that no modern guitar can come close to. Visually it’s just what you’d want from a 60’s Gibson, a vivid...

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1993 Gibson Gospel –  £1349

1993 Gibson Gospel – £1349

Originally available from 1973 - 1979, the Gospel was reissued from 1992 - 1997 but with different specifications. The 90's Gospels have a more vintage look about them, with a prewar style...

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1953 Gibson J45  –  £4799

1953 Gibson J45 – £4799

SOLD  If you've always wanted the legendary early 50's Gibson dreadnought tone, this is a fine example - It has the look, the feel and the vibe. The tone, the feel and the playing experience make...

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1942 Gibson L7  –  £2499

1942 Gibson L7 – £2499

The 1930’s and 40’s were a true golden era for Gibson’s archtop line: a period that produced some of the most sought after and famed instruments. Choice Maple and Spruce was abundant, and this...

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