1974 Gibson J45  –  £1749

1974 Gibson J45 – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  This J45 is a classic example of Gibson’s 'workhorse' guitar. A square shouldered dreadnought in a beautiful tobacco sunburst finish with a Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides....

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1970 Gibson Blue Ridge  –  £1499

1970 Gibson Blue Ridge – £1499

NEW ARRIVAL  Only produced between 1968 - 1979, the Gibson Blue Ridge Custom is a classic Spruce / Rosewood square shouldered dreadnought. As the name suggests, it was designed to echo the music of...

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2012 Gibson J45 TV True Vintage  –  £2749

2012 Gibson J45 TV True Vintage – £2749

NEW ARRIVAL  The Gibson J45 is one of the most loved acoustic guitars ever made - it’s signature warm / dark sound has been captured on countless records. With Gibson’s True Vintage model, made in...

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1955 Epiphone Zephyr Regent  –  £1599

1955 Epiphone Zephyr Regent – £1599

NEW ARRIVAL  Introduced in 1950, the Zephyr Regent was Epiphone's most popular electric cutaway guitar. Epi's journeyman 17" instrument, the Zephyr Regent was positioned against its main competitor,...

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2004 Gibson Nick Lucas  –  £2499

2004 Gibson Nick Lucas – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  Gibson’s collaboration with Nick Lucas gave birth to one of the most desirable models ever. A traditional 00 shape body, but deeper than normal, with Flamed Maple back and sides - this...

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1939 Epiphone Blackstone  –  £1299

1939 Epiphone Blackstone – £1299

NEW ARRIVAL  The Blackstone was introduced in Epiphone’s original archtop line of 1931, with a 14 3/4" lower bout. Between 1934 - 1936 the body size increased to 15 1/2” before it took it’s final...

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2003 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe  –  £1699

2003 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe – £1699

NEW ARRIVAL  The Gibson Songwriter Deluxe is a modern take on Gibson’s classic square shoulder dreadnoughts but, together with a Sitka Spruce top, it has Rosewood back and sides. This combination...

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1949 Epiphone Zenith  –  £1499

1949 Epiphone Zenith – £1499

NEW ARRIVAL  As with a lot of Epiphone archtop models of this era, the Zenith went through a few body size / wood combination changes. This 1949 model, made by Epiphone while they were still in...

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1964 Gibson LG1  –  £1849

1964 Gibson LG1 – £1849

SOLD  This 1964 LG1 is a great example of an affordable 60’s Gibson, with authentic tone that no modern guitar can come close to. Visually it’s just what you’d want from a vintage Gibson, with an...

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