1935 Kalamazoo KG11  –  £1849

1935 Kalamazoo KG11 – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  Gibson's Depression era Kalamazoo line of guitars are gaining respect in the vintage guitar world, and provide great intrinsic value considering the relative cost. While built as a less...

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1939 Kalamazoo Cromwell L50   –  £1249

1939 Kalamazoo Cromwell L50 – £1249

NEW ARRIVAL  Cromwell are one of the lesser known depression era brands made by Gibson between 1934 - 1940. They have a similar look and feel to the Gibsons of the same era, but were built with...

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2014 Gibson SJ200 Standard  –  £2999

2014 Gibson SJ200 Standard – £2999

NEW ARRIVAL  They call the SJ200 King Of The Flat Tops, and it has to be one of the most famous acoustic guitars in the world. This is a great example, visually it's stunning, with the iconic...

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1965 Gibson LG1  –  £1849

1965 Gibson LG1 – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  This 1965 LG1 is a great example of an affordable 60’s Gibson, with authentic tone that no modern guitar can come close to. Visually it’s just what you’d want from a vintage Gibson,...

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2007 Gibson Hummingbird  –  £2499

2007 Gibson Hummingbird – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  The Hummingbird is one of Gibson’s most iconic acoustic guitars, and visually it has to be my favourite model. The beautifully faded Cherry sunburst finish blending into an amber...

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2013 Gibson SJ100 1941 Reissue  –  £1999

2013 Gibson SJ100 1941 Reissue – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  The SJ100 is the fitting cousin to the legendary SJ200 - the “King Of The Flat Tops” - based on the same distinctive shape and proportions, but with more modest, historic appointments....

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1948 Gibson LG1  –  £2499

1948 Gibson LG1 – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL   A 40’s LG1 is a rare find indeed. A 00 size guitar with Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, and most importantly ladder bracing. This gives the guitar a quicker attack and quicker...

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2021 Gibson 1950’s J45  –  £1799

2021 Gibson 1950’s J45 – £1799

NEW ARRIVAL  With the 1950’s J45, Gibson have accurately recreated one of their most famous models with lighter bracing, a slightly fuller feeling neck, and period correct features. The tobacco...

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1934 Gibson L00  –  £3999

1934 Gibson L00 – £3999

SOLD  The L00 is probably Gibson’s best know blues guitar, and to find a 30’s example is becoming quite difficult. This is an old warhorse of a guitar, and has the scars to prove it - three repaired...

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