1937 Gibson L-7  –  £3499

1937 Gibson L-7 – £3499

NEW ARRIVAL  The 1930’s was a true golden era for Gibson’s archtop line: a period that produced some of the most sought after and famed instruments. Choice Maple and Spruce was abundant, and this...

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1942 Gibson L-0  –  £1999

1942 Gibson L-0 – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  Between 1942 and 1945 Gibson made guitars featuring the Banner logo ‘Only A Gibson Is Good Enough’, which are now amongst the most desirable acoustics around. This particular example...

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1969 Gibson B15  –  £1199

1969 Gibson B15 – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL  This is an all original, 1969 Gibson for a non vintage price. This all Mahogany B15 is a smaller bodied guitar - 00 size - which tend to be great for fingerstyle playing, although this...

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1950 Gibson J50  –  £3999

1950 Gibson J50 – £3999

SOLD  I've had quite a few 60's slope shouldered Gibson dreadnoughts in the past, and they're always fantastic guitars, but the jump to an early 50's model is incredible, in fact I could run out of...

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2012 Gibson Advanced Jumbo  –  £2199

2012 Gibson Advanced Jumbo – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  In the mid ’30s, Gibson luthiers decided to build the best-sounding, most powerful flat-top acoustic ever. The result was the Advanced Jumbo. What Gibson’s luthiers discovered was a...

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2003 Gibson Blues King –  £1399

2003 Gibson Blues King – £1399

NEW ARRIVAL  The Gibson Blues King is a reissue of one of the most iconic blues guitars ever - the Gibson L-00. A great example of Gibson's attention to detail, from the script Gibson headstock logo...

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2019 Gibson J15  –  £1249

2019 Gibson J15 – £1249

NEW ARRIVAL  At first glance, the Gibson J15 is a stripped down J45, a classic slope shouldered dreadnought in a beautiful sunburst. But on closer inspection, the Walnut back and sides, Maple neck,...

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1979 Gibson ES-347  –  £2849

1979 Gibson ES-347 – £2849

ON HOLD  Introduced to replace the ES-345, and only made between 1978 - 1991, the ES-347 is essentially a deluxe ES-335 with a coil tap switch, block markers on an Ebony fretboard, fine tuning...

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1936 Epiphone Navarre  –  £3999

1936 Epiphone Navarre – £3999

NEW ARRIVAL  30’s Epiphone flat tops are one of the best kept secrets in vintage guitars, and certainly amongst the rarest. The Navarre flattop was introduced in 1931, and was Epiphone's response to...

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1919 Gibson L-4  –  £2199

1919 Gibson L-4 – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  Introduced in 1912, the L-4 was Gibson's finest guitar offering until Lloyd Loar's signed L-5 arrived ten years later. The L-4 features a 16" body, carved top and back, oval soundhole,...

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2001 Gibson L00 1937 Reissue  –  £2199

2001 Gibson L00 1937 Reissue – £2199

ON HOLD  This is more than just a ’37 reissue L00. Essentially the guitar has a tri burst finish which gives a very distinctive look, rather than the traditional two tone tobacco burst. But more...

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1937 Gibson L00  –  £3299

1937 Gibson L00 – £3299

SOLD  The L00 is probably Gibson’s best know blues guitar, and to find a 30’s example is becoming quite difficult. This guitar has been refinished which can often take away from the vintage tone,...

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