2008 Atkin SJ Standard  –  £1849

2008 Atkin SJ Standard – £1849

Since 1995 Alister Atkin has become one of the forerunners in British luthiery, all of his guitars have a genuine hand made feel, the tone and playability of which are superb. This example is an SJ...

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2013 Naga SJE-28  –  £1199

2013 Naga SJE-28 – £1199

 I have to admit that I’d never heard of the Naga brand, but as soon as I played this guitar I was seriously impressed - although it’s built in Japan it reminds me of an Atkin or a Fylde....

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2012 J&G Turnpike Slope D  –  £1199

2012 J&G Turnpike Slope D – £1199

J&G TurnPike produced their first acoustic guitars in 2010. As a relatively young company the key to success has continued to be a dedication to sourcing the best materials available. Each...

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1979 Guild D25M  –  £999

1979 Guild D25M – £999

This is a great chance to buy a vintage US made Guild, made in the famous Westerly factory in Rhode Island. The Guild D25M is the model famously played by Ryan Adams. It’s a dreadnought shape, with...

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2005 Collings D2H  –  £2799

2005 Collings D2H – £2799

The Collings D2H is one of the most sought after, high end, hand built dreadnoughts around. This guitar has been expertly crafted, and offers not only a classic deign and all American tone, but...

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2013 Dave King J45  –  £1849

2013 Dave King J45 – £1849

This is a fine example of a hand made British guitar of the highest quality - Dave King has become a highly regarded luthier, and his guitars have become very desirable for those ‘in the know’. With...

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1979 Guild F30  –  £1199

1979 Guild F30 – £1199

The Guild F30 is a bigger bodied version of the F20 - the Spruce topped equivalent of the better known M20 - the all Mahogany model famously played by Nick Drake. Tonally it has a rich sound, the...

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1969 Fender Kingsman  –  £1299

1969 Fender Kingsman – £1299

The Fender Kingsman was only produced between 1963 - 71, and is the dreadnought equivalent of the better known Fender Newporter. The quirky vibe of having an electric guitar neck and headstock on an...

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2013 Alan Carruth 000-12 – £2499

2013 Alan Carruth 000-12 – £2499

SOLD  Alan Carruth’s guitars have become something of legend, as he builds so few guitars, all one offs, and to an exceptionally high standard. This is the first example I’ve owned and it really...

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