2000 Guild D40  –  £1199

2000 Guild D40 – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL  Built in Corona, California, just after Fender’s ownership, the D40 has classic Guild looks with high end build quality. The very desirable wood combination of a solid Sitka Spruce top...

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2004 Brook Taw  –  £1499

2004 Brook Taw – £1499

NEW ARRIVAL  Brook are one of a handful of British luthiers who are held in high regard by players and collectors alike, and as such, their guitars don’t appear on the used market very often. The...

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1993 Santa Cruz Tony Rice  –  £2799

1993 Santa Cruz Tony Rice – £2799

SOLD  Santa Cruz are one of the best high end acoustic guitar builders, producing genuinely hand made guitars from California. The Tony Rice model is particularly hard to find, especially such an...

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2019 Gitane DG-560  –  £1099

2019 Gitane DG-560 – £1099

NEW ARRIVAL  Gypsy guitarists have long waited for an affordable copy of Mario Maccaferri's original guitar: A 12 fret D hole with nylon strings. Not many people are aware that the original...

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1975 Guild F30  –  £1199

1975 Guild F30 – £1199

SOLD  The Guild F30 is a bigger bodied version of the better known F20. Tonally it has a rich sound, the Mahogany back and sides give warmth, while the Spruce top adds a bright punch to the attack....

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1998 Brook Teign  –  £1499

1998 Brook Teign – £1499

NEW ARRIVAL  Hand built in Devon, Brook are one of the UK’s foremost acoustic guitar builders and, along with the likes of Fylde and Lowden have become known for having a classic British sound. With...

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1969 Fender Villager  –  £949

1969 Fender Villager – £949

NEW ARRIVAL  The Fender Villager was only produced between 1965 - 71, and is the 12 string equivalent to the Fender Newporter, with the hockey stick headstock used on the electric Fender XII. The...

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2018 Furch BAR21-SW Baritone  –  £1199

2018 Furch BAR21-SW Baritone – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL   Furch are a very high end, hand built Guitar brand, made in the Czech Republic since 1981 - also re-branded as Stonebridge for sale in North America. This particular guitar is a custom...

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2006 Bourgeous Signature D  –  £2799

2006 Bourgeous Signature D – £2799

SOLD  This guitar is Dana Bourgeous’ modern re-creation of the pre-1944 Herringbone Martin D28. However, this is not a standard model, this guitar has an Adirondack Red Spruce top with Bearclaw...

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2018 Taylor 224ce K Dlx  –  £1099

2018 Taylor 224ce K Dlx – £1099

NEW ARRIVAL  The first thing to mention about this guitar is it’s stunning good looks - Koa is one of the most beautifully figured tone woods. Combined with the Grand Auditorium body shape, West...

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