2014 Collings CJ35 SB  –  £2999

2014 Collings CJ35 SB – £2999

SOLD  Drawing inspiration from the famous Gibson J-35 of the 1930’s, the Collings CJ (Collings Jumbo) designed by master luthier Bill Collings, is a kind of mixture of the jumbo and dreadnought body...

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1999 Santa Cruz D/E  –  £2799

1999 Santa Cruz D/E – £2799

SOLD  Santa Cruz have become known as masters of the art of guitar making, taking traditional designs and improving on them.  The D/E guitar features a Sitka Spruce top, Rosewood back and sides,...

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2012 David Oddy 0000  –  £2799

2012 David Oddy 0000 – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  David Oddy guitars have become a thing of myth and legend, as they’re so highly thought of, but rarely come on the second hand market. This 0000 is a thing of beauty, and sounds even...

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2010 Collings 02H 14 Fret   –  £2999

2010 Collings 02H 14 Fret – £2999

SOLD  Not just a smaller version of the OM, the Collings 02H is a specialised instrument in itself. The size and voicing give it an exceptionally balanced EQ with a wonderful complex tone and...

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2014 Lowden O32 – £2199

2014 Lowden O32 – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a fine example of Lowden’s original body shape, the biggest body size they make, and with a combination of Spruce and Rosewood, probably the most dynamic. It produces a very...

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1986 Fylde Othello 12 fret  –  £1799

1986 Fylde Othello 12 fret – £1799

NEW ARRIVAL  Not only is the Othello one of Fylde’s the rarest models as it’s now discontinued, this particular example is a one off as it has a 12 fret neck join. Tonally it's fantastic, the...

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2007 Patrick James Eggle Kanuga  –  £1899

2007 Patrick James Eggle Kanuga – £1899

NEW ARRIVAL  As one of the UK’s leading luthiers, I was very disappointed to hear that Patrick is no longer making acoustic guitars, however that just makes his used guitars even more desirable. The...

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2011 Tanglewood TW40-PD  –  £349

2011 Tanglewood TW40-PD – £349

NEW ARRIVAL  Parlour guitars have become very popular recently - they work really well as couch guitars, and great songwriting tools. From their Sundance Delta Historic range, Tanglewood have...

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