2016 Dave King Katrina  –  £1849

2016 Dave King Katrina – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  Over the last 20 years, Dave King has become one of the forerunners in British luthiery, all of his guitars have a genuine hand made feel, the tone and playability of which are superb....

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2013 Stonebridge Furch G21 50  –  £699

2013 Stonebridge Furch G21 50 – £699

NEW ARRIVAL  Furch are a high quality, hand built guitar brand, made in the Czech Republic since 1981 - also re-branded as Stonebridge for sale in North America. This particular guitar is a grand...

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2001 Collings D3HG  –  £4499

2001 Collings D3HG – £4499

NEW ARRIVAL  The Collings D3H is one of the most sought after, high end, hand built dreadnoughts around. This guitar has been expertly crafted, and offers not only a classic deign and all American...

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2018 Millman Custom 000  –  £1999

2018 Millman Custom 000 – £1999

SOLD  Based in Devon, and having studied under Brook guitars, James Millman is fast gaining a reputation as an outstanding British luthier. His guitars are hand built in a very traditional way, and...

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2019 Atkin LG47 R  –  £2499

2019 Atkin LG47 R – £2499

SOLD  Handcrafted in Canterbury, Alistair Atkin has the knack of producing guitars with vintage look and feel and aged tone. The LG47 is unashamedly based on a 1947 Gibson LG2, from their Golden Age...

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2018 McIlroy ASD30  –  £2299

2018 McIlroy ASD30 – £2299

SOLD  22 years after leaving Lowden, Dermot McIlroy has made his own name as a highly regarded British luthier, making some of the finest hand made acoustic guitars around. The ASD30 is quite an...

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1993 David Oddy NY 00  –  £2499

1993 David Oddy NY 00 – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  David Oddy guitars have become a thing of myth and legend, as they’re so highly thought of, but rarely come on the second hand market. This 00 12 fret model is one of his earlier...

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2021 Atkin L26 A  –  £2499

2021 Atkin L26 A – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  Atkin’s been at it again - recreating a classic guitar from the Gibson back catalogue. In this case, arguably the most important guitar in blues history, the L-1, forever linked with...

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2012 Jolliffe DS-18  –  £1199

2012 Jolliffe DS-18 – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL  This guitar was hand made by Norfolk luthier, Nicholas Jolliffe. He has a very low profile on the web as he has built mainly one-off guitars on commission. His guitars have a very...

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2014 Collings CJ35 SB  –  £3499

2014 Collings CJ35 SB – £3499

SOLD  Drawing inspiration from the famous Gibson J-35 of the 1930’s, the Collings CJ (Collings Jumbo) designed by master luthier Bill Collings, is a kind of mixture of the jumbo and dreadnought body...

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1975 Guild D25  –  £1399

1975 Guild D25 – £1399

NEW ARRIVAL  The Guild D25 has become quite a desirable vintage guitar over the years, partly because it’s the model played by Ryan Adams on his early albums. Made in the famous Westerly factory in...

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