1976 K Yairi YW600  –  £999

1976 K Yairi YW600 – £999

NEW ARRIVAL  K Yairi was a master luthier, and believed that the most laborious methods of wood selection, preparation and manual carving were central to creating the ideal sound. With a small team...

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2012 Taylor 210ce   –  £699

2012 Taylor 210ce – £699

NEW ARRIVAL  Taylor have become well known for making some of the most recognisable, easy playing electro acoustic guitars around, and this 210ce model is a fine example. The Spruce top and triple...

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2016 Dave King Katrina  –  £1849

2016 Dave King Katrina – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  Over the last 20 years, Dave King has become one of the forerunners in British luthiery, all of his guitars have a genuine hand made feel, the tone and playability of which are superb....

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2021 Gomans J-S12FC Fan Fret – £999

2021 Gomans J-S12FC Fan Fret – £999

NEW ARRIVAL Gomans are a French brand who have a unique take on guitar production. They sourced a high quality Chinese guitar builder, and instead of mass producing guitars, they commissioned...

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1978 Roland Oetter 12 String  –  £1199

1978 Roland Oetter 12 String – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL  The Roland Oetter story is a bit of a ‘what if’ story. As a talented luthier in the 70’s, Oetter was already held in high regard by his fellow German musicians, making one off guitars...

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1930’s Monarch 00  –  £999

1930’s Monarch 00 – £999

NEW ARRIVAL  As an acoustic dealer, researching weird and wonderful guitars is one of my favourite pastimes, although some are more difficult to research than others. This amazing looking guitar has...

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1930’s Supertone Parlour  –  £599

1930’s Supertone Parlour – £599

NEW ARRIVAL  Don’t be fooled by the price, 30’s Supertones are fantastic blues machines, especially for Delta blues and slide guitar. These models featured solid soundboards made from slab-sawn...

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2017 Collings 01 12 Fret  –  £3599

2017 Collings 01 12 Fret – £3599

NEW ARRIVAL  Collings has consistently hit the mark with its superb interpretations of classic flattop acoustics, and the 01 12 Fret is a loving tribute to the 0-size parlor guitars Martin...

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2016 Waterloo Jumbo King  –  £2399

2016 Waterloo Jumbo King – £2399

NEW ARRIVAL  Collings have been considered one of the best modern guitar builders for quite a while now. In 2015, under the Waterloo banner, they decided to recreate probably the most famous guitar...

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2010 Atkin J45  –  £1849

2010 Atkin J45 – £1849

SOLD  With Atkin guitars fast becoming one of the hottest names in acoustics, here’s a chance to buy one of his original models - a classic slope shouldered dreadnought. This J45 model features the...

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1994 Guild JF4 NT   –  £949

1994 Guild JF4 NT – £949

NEW ARRIVAL  Guild have long been considered one of the best builders of jumbo acoustics, and this has all the hallmarks of the American made Guild name, from their famous Westerly factory. It...

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