1993 David Oddy NY 00  –  £2499

1993 David Oddy NY 00 – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  David Oddy guitars have become a thing of myth and legend, as they’re so highly thought of, but rarely come on the second hand market. This 00 12 fret model is one of his earlier...

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2012 Jolliffe DS-18  –  £1199

2012 Jolliffe DS-18 – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL  This guitar was hand made by Norfolk luthier, Nicholas Jolliffe. He has a very low profile on the web as he has built mainly one-off guitars on commission. His guitars have a very...

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1975 Guild D25  –  £1399

1975 Guild D25 – £1399

SOLD  The Guild D25 has become quite a desirable vintage guitar over the years, partly because it’s the model played by Ryan Adams on his early albums. Made in the famous Westerly factory in Rhode...

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2018 Guild D55  –  £2499

2018 Guild D55 – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  Guild have long gone below the radar of high end US acoustics, and the D55 is their top of the line dreadnought. It was first introduced in 1968 as a special-order model, and was so...

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1959 Guild M20  –  £1999

1959 Guild M20 – £1999

SOLD  It’s unusual for a guitar to be linked with one particular player, but the Guild M20 will always be considered the Nick Drake guitar. There are other small bodied, all Mahogany guitars out...

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1979 Guild D25 CH  –  £1099

1979 Guild D25 CH – £1099

NEW ARRIVAL  The Guild D25 represents a very affordable way of owning a vintage American made acoustic. Made in the famous Westerly factory in Rhode Island, the Guild D25 is a dreadnought shape,...

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1990 Lowden O10C – £2199

1990 Lowden O10C – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  Lowdens are the one brand of guitar, other than some vintage guitars, that have the quality that I like to call unputdownableness. This O10C is hugely responsive. The first thing that...

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2013 Larrivee LV-09 Rosewood  –  £1649

2013 Larrivee LV-09 Rosewood – £1649

NEW ARRIVAL  The Larrivee 09 series is from their Artist range where Jean Larrivee hand picks the high grade tonewoods used, and personally oversees the excellent build quality. The L body shape is...

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