2015 Larrivee OM-03 Zebrano  –  £1249

2015 Larrivee OM-03 Zebrano – £1249

NEW ARRIVAL  The Larrivee 3 series guitars have a satin finish, and a more open sound than the gloss finished higher series guitars. This limited run OM-03 features a Spruce top with Zebrano back...

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1961 Stella H912 12 String  –  £899

1961 Stella H912 12 String – £899

SOLD  There are few 12 string acoustics with such a rich history. This is the model famously played by Rory Gallagher and Kurt Cobain, both influenced by Lead Belly who played an earlier Stella 12...

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1930’s Oahu Parlour  –  £749

1930’s Oahu Parlour – £749

NEW ARRIVAL  Don’t be fooled by the price, 30’s Oahu’s are fantastic blues machines, especially for Delta blues and slide guitar. These models featured solid soundboards made from slab-sawn Birch...

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2016 K Yairi RAG 90V  –  £1199

2016 K Yairi RAG 90V – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL  K Yairi was a master luthier, and believed that the most laborious methods of wood selection, preparation and manual carving were central to creating the ideal sound. With a small team...

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1996 Lowden D22   –  £2199

1996 Lowden D22 – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  A Lowden dreadnought is quite a rare thing, only made for a few years. On first play it feels like a bit of a hybrid, with Lowden’s famous tone working well for Celtic style, mixed with...

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2002 Collings D1AV   –  £2999

2002 Collings D1AV – £2999

SOLD  The Collings D1AV is extraordinarily loud. The Adirondack Spruce top favours a strong pick attack and provides the ample headroom and power needed to cut through bluegrass ensembles. The...

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1939 SS Stewart H-1130  –  £999

1939 SS Stewart H-1130 – £999

NEW ARRIVAL  You should never buy a guitar on looks alone, but when it’s a 30’s built Harmony branded SS Stewart, with their hallmark lightly built ladder bracing, then the looks set this guitar...

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2017 Avalon Ard Ri L2 310  –  £1749

2017 Avalon Ard Ri L2 310 – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  This Ard Ri L2-310 is from Avalon’s top of the range, and is an impressively versatile guitar. The Bear Claw Spruce top, coupled with Amazaque back and sides delivers clarity and...

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1929 Harmony Lindbergh Parlour  –  £1499

1929 Harmony Lindbergh Parlour – £1499

SOLD  In 1927 Charles Lindbergh captured the imagination of a nation with his cross-Atlantic flight, and as a result aeroplane imagery was a common sight in late 20’s and early 30’s American design....

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