2022 Atkin 012s Dust Bowl – £2499

Nov 8, 2023 | Others

2022 Atkin 012s Dust Bowl – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  Atkin’s been at it again – recreating a classic guitar from history. In this case, as the name suggests, it’s the depression era guitars of the 1930’s that are the inspiration for the Dust Bowl range. An all Mahogany 0 size, 12 fret guitar, with pre war scalloped bracing, and a super thin Aged Nitro finish. The guitar is predominantly a fingerpicker, ideal for blues and ragtime, with a dry voice, plenty of punch in the midrange, and an openness across the strings to inspire any player. The 12 fret neck increases the string tension, which only  adds to the playing experience. The guitar is in excellent ‘aged’ condition, and comes in it’s original hard case.

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