1968 Gibson J50  –  £2499

1968 Gibson J50 – £2499

This guitar is a great example of Gibson's classic workhorse guitar - a 60's J50.  The Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides give the guitar a rich warm sound, and the slope shoulders give a...

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2007 Gibson CJ165 Rosewood  –  £1749

2007 Gibson CJ165 Rosewood – £1749

Only produced between 2006 - 2008, the CJ165 provides an alternative to Gibson's big bodied jumbos such as the J200. If you're looking for big tone in an easier to handle package, the Gibson CJ-165...

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1969 Gibson J45  –  £1999

1969 Gibson J45 – £1999

SOLD  This is a great example of Gibson's iconic slope shouldered dreadnought, with one of the best looking faded cherry sunburst finishes I’ve seen. When you start playing it you realise why 60's...

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1969 Gibson J50  –  £1499

1969 Gibson J50 – £1499

This J50 is a real find, 1969 was the transitional year when Gibson changed from slope shouldered J50’s, so this is the only year you can get a 60's square shouldered J50. It's a classic example of...

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1947 – 51 Gibson L48  –  £1399

1947 – 51 Gibson L48 – £1399

SOLD  This is a great example of a late 40's / early 50’s Gibson archtop - difficult to date exactly but the Mahogany top, back and sides dates it to 1947 - 51. The guitar has a beautifully faded...

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1993 Gibson J60  –  £1499

1993 Gibson J60 – £1499

SOLD  The J60 was only produced between 1992 and 1998 (although later reissued in 2013) and was nicknamed the ‘Bone Crusher’ due to its powerful square shouldered dreadnought design with Sitka...

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1942 Gibson L-0  –  £2499

1942 Gibson L-0 – £2499

Between 1942 and 1945 Gibson made guitars featuring the Banner logo ‘Only A Gibson Is Good Enough’, which are now amongst the most desirable acoustics around. This particular example has been...

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1993 Gibson J30  –  £999

1993 Gibson J30 – £999

Only available between 1985-1997, the J30 was originally designed to be a budget version of a J45, and is a classic example of the 'workhorse' guitar. The square shouldered dreadnought, with natural...

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1963 Epiphone Frontier  –  £2999

1963 Epiphone Frontier – £2999

SOLD  When Gibson purchased Epiphone in 1957 there was already a line of great flat-top guitars in place. The FT-110 featured Maple back and sides and Gibson gave it the name “Frontier”. They...

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1968 Gibson Hummingbird  –  £2499

1968 Gibson Hummingbird – £2499

A cherry sunburst Hummingbird is probably my favourite Gibson model, and probably the most iconic looking. This example from 1968 is visually stunning - the cherry sunburst is still vivid, and the...

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