1945 Epiphone Zephyr  –  £1599

1945 Epiphone Zephyr – £1599

The Epiphone Zephyr was in production from 1939 - 1958, and this example is from the first incarnation with a 16 3/8” body, and the pickup placement in the bridge position - by 1947 the body became...

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1931 Gibson L-0  –  £2999

1931 Gibson L-0 – £2999

Only made between 1926 - 1933, and only in this body shape from 1931, this has to be one of the rarest Gibson models around. The L-0 is a 00 size, X braced all Mahogany guitar, and only 12 frets to...

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1989 Heritage Eagle  –  £1499

1989 Heritage Eagle – £1499

Heritage is the company that formed when Gibson moved factories from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee in September 1984, by three senior employees who chose not to move. These men bought...

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1964 Gibson C-0  –  £799

1964 Gibson C-0 – £799

In the 60’s Gibson made a run of classical guitars, the C-0 was available from 1962 - 1970. They’re not particularly well known as Gibson are so famous for their steel string guitars, however this...

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2002 Gibson Advanced Jumbo AJ  –  £1849

2002 Gibson Advanced Jumbo AJ – £1849

It’s quite unusual to find a natural topped Advanced Jumbo, and at 17 years old the Spruce top has darkened to a honey colour which really sets of the tiger stripe pickguard. The Rosewood back and...

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2007 Gibson Nick Lucas  –  £2199

2007 Gibson Nick Lucas – £2199

Gibson’s collaboration with Nick Lucas gave birth to one of the most desirable models ever. A traditional 00 shape body, but deeper than normal, with Flamed Maple back and sides - this gives a full...

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1944 Epiphone Blackstone  –  £1499

1944 Epiphone Blackstone – £1499

The Blackstone was introduced in Epiphone’s original archtop line of 1931, with a 14 3/4". By 1936 it took it’s final form with the 16 3/8" lower bout, and the centre-dip headstock appeared in 1939....

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2014 Gibson SJ100 1941 Reissue  –  £1599

2014 Gibson SJ100 1941 Reissue – £1599

The SJ100 is the fitting cousin to the legendary SJ200 - the “King Of The Flat Tops” - based on the same distinctive shape and proportions, but with more modest, historic appointments. Handcrafted...

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1964 Epiphone Bard 12  –  £1299

1964 Epiphone Bard 12 – £1299

Famously played by Roy Orbison on 'Pretty Woman' , the Epiphone Bard is probably the best known acoustic 12 string. Made in the Gibson Kalamazoo factory in the early 60's before Gibson made Epiphone...

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2016 Gibson L00 Keb Mo  –  £1999

2016 Gibson L00 Keb Mo – £1999

Gibson’s Custom Shop teamed up with three-time Grammy Award Winner Keb' Mo' to produce a modern blues guitar that references the Delta blues music that is the heart of his inspiration. The guitar...

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1968 Gibson J50  –  £2499

1968 Gibson J50 – £2499

This guitar is a great example of Gibson's classic workhorse guitar - a 60's J50.  The Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides give the guitar a rich warm sound, and the slope shoulders give a...

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2007 Gibson CJ165 Rosewood  –  £1749

2007 Gibson CJ165 Rosewood – £1749

Only produced between 2006 - 2008, the CJ165 provides an alternative to Gibson's big bodied jumbos such as the J200. If you're looking for big tone in an easier to handle package, the Gibson CJ-165...

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