1929 Gibson L-1  –  £3799

1929 Gibson L-1 – £3799

NEW ARRIVAL  Only made between 1926 - 1931 with a circular lower bout, and only from 1929 with Mahogany back and sides, this has to be one of the rarest Gibson models around - and arguably the most...

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2004 Gibson J50 Maple  –  £1799

2004 Gibson J50 Maple – £1799

NEW ARRIVAL In 2004 Gibson Custom Shop produced a limited run of J50’s with flame Maple back and sides stained crimson. I’ve always considered the J50 one of Gibson’s stripped back guitars with...

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1974 Gibson SJ Deluxe  –  £1749

1974 Gibson SJ Deluxe – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a great example of a vintage Gibson square shouldered dreadnought. It has an iconic look with a faded tobacco sunburst Spruce top, beautifully complimented by a 3 point...

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1937 Gibson L4  –  £2799

1937 Gibson L4 – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  The 1930’s were a true golden era for Gibson’s archtop line: a period that produced some of the most sought after and famed instruments. Choice Maple and Spruce was abundant, and this...

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1992 Orville By Gibson L1  –  £1349

1992 Orville By Gibson L1 – £1349

NEW ARRIVAL  Under guidance of Gibson USA, production of ’Orville By Gibson’ started in Japan in April 1988, in order to fight the copies made by Greco, Aria, Tokai etc ... Orville manufacturing was...

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1947 – 51 Gibson LG2  –  £2799

1947 – 51 Gibson LG2 – £2799

SOLD  The LG2 was made from 1942 - 1962, possibly the most desirable small bodied post war Gibson model available. It’s a 00 size guitar with very desirable X bracing, making the guitar extremely...

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1993 Gibson Gospel –  £1349

1993 Gibson Gospel – £1349

Originally available from 1973 - 1979, the Gospel was reissued from 1992 - 1997 but with different specifications. The 90's Gospels have a more vintage look about them, with a prewar style...

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1936 Gibson L00  –  £3199

1936 Gibson L00 – £3199

SOLD  The L00 is probably Gibson’s best know blues guitar, and to find a 30’s example is becoming quite difficult. This is an old warhorse of a guitar, and has the scars to prove it - three repaired...

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1989 Heritage Eagle  –  £1499

1989 Heritage Eagle – £1499

Heritage is the company that formed when Gibson moved factories from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee in September 1984, by three senior employees who chose not to move. These men bought...

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2002 Gibson Advanced Jumbo AJ  –  £1849

2002 Gibson Advanced Jumbo AJ – £1849

It’s quite unusual to find a natural topped Advanced Jumbo, and at 17 years old the Spruce top has darkened to a honey colour which really sets of the tiger stripe pickguard. The Rosewood back and...

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1964 Epiphone Bard 12  –  £1299

1964 Epiphone Bard 12 – £1299

Famously played by Roy Orbison on 'Pretty Woman' , the Epiphone Bard is probably the best known acoustic 12 string. Made in the Gibson Kalamazoo factory in the early 60's before Gibson made Epiphone...

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