1961 Gibson J50  –  £3999

1961 Gibson J50 – £3999

SOLD  Early 60’s J50’s are getting harder to find, and this is a fine example of the classic Spruce / Mahogany slope shouldered shape with a honey coloured top, with dark red tortoise pickguard....

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2016 Gibson SJ200 Vintage  –  £3799

2016 Gibson SJ200 Vintage – £3799

SOLD  The Gibson SJ200 is one of the most loved acoustic guitars ever made. Its signature bright / full sound has been captured on countless records. With Gibson’s SJ200 Vintage, made in limited...

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1931 Gibson L-0  –  £2999

1931 Gibson L-0 – £2999

NEW ARRIVAL  Only made between 1926 - 1933, and only in this body shape from 1931, this has to be one of the rarest Gibson models around. The L-0 is a 00 size, X braced all Mahogany guitar, and only...

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1958 Gibson Country Western  –  £5799

1958 Gibson Country Western – £5799

SOLD  60's Gibson slope shouldered dreadnoughts are fantastic guitars, but the jump to a 50's model is incredible, in fact I could run out of superlatives describing it's sound. So let's just say...

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1992 Gibson L-00 1936 Reissue –  £2199

1992 Gibson L-00 1936 Reissue – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  The 1936 L-00 Reissue is one of Gibson’s first historic acoustic reissues, and a great example of them trying to capture a moment in history. The L-00 is one of the most iconic blues...

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1938 Epiphone Olympic  –  £1849

1938 Epiphone Olympic – £1849

SOLD  This guitar is from Epiphone’s golden archtop age, when the company was still based in New York before they were bought by Gibson in 1957. 30’s and 40’s Epiphone archtops have long been...

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2012 Gibson Advanced Jumbo  –  £2199

2012 Gibson Advanced Jumbo – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  The Advanced Jumbo is a fine example of why Gibson’s reissue series is so important. The AJ was first introduced in the 1930’s, and only 300 were made. So very few people will ever have...

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1934 Gibson L50  –  £1999

1934 Gibson L50 – £1999

SOLD  1934 is the only year Gibson made the L50 in this shape - introduced in 1932 it had a shrunken dreadnought shape with a central sound hole, and by 1935 the body widened and had F holes - the...

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1969 Gibson J-160E  –  £2999

1969 Gibson J-160E – £2999

NEW ARRIVAL  Forever associated with the Beatles, the J-160 E is one of the most famous guitars of all time. Interestingly in 1969 the body shape changed from slope shoulder to square shoulder,...

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1973 Gibson Blue Ridge  –  £1399

1973 Gibson Blue Ridge – £1399

NEW ARRIVAL  Only produced between 1968 - 1979, the Gibson Blue Ridge Custom is a classic Spruce / Rosewood square shouldered dreadnought. As the name suggests, it was designed to echo the music of...

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