1967 Gibson B25-12 Conversion  –  £1499

1967 Gibson B25-12 Conversion – £1499

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a real one off - a Gibson B25-12 that’s been converted to a 6 string. The guitar is an original ’67 B25-12, with a changed bridge to accommodate 6 strings, and a spliced 6...

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1967 Gibson LG0 –  £1299

1967 Gibson LG0 – £1299

NEW ARRIVAL  Gibson’s LG0 is the lesser known cousin of the LG1 - a 00 sized, ladder braced acoustic, but with a Mahogany top rather than Spruce. The tone is smoother and warmer than an LG1, and...

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1966 Gibson B25-12  –  £1399

1966 Gibson B25-12 – £1399

NEW ARRIVAL  This 1966 Gibson B25-12 is one of the few examples where a small bodied guitar makes a great 12 string - the Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides give the guitar and bright, punchy,...

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1949 Gibson L50  –  £1999

1949 Gibson L50 – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a stunning example of a 40's Gibson archtop, in one of the most vivid tobacco sunbursts I’ve seen. The bound neck with Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and trapezoid inlays make...

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1938 Kalamazoo KG14  –  £1849

1938 Kalamazoo KG14 – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  There are few acoustic guitars more wrapped up in music history than the Kalamazoo KG14. It's the model that Robert Johnson played in his first studio session in November 1936 before...

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1937 Epiphone Olympic  –  £1749

1937 Epiphone Olympic – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  This guitar is from Epiphone’s golden archtop age, when the company was still based in New York before they were bought by Gibson in 1957. 30’s and 40’s Epiphone archtops have long been...

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1964 Gibson LG0 –  £1299

1964 Gibson LG0 – £1299

NEW ARRIVAL  Gibson’s LG0 is an all Mahogany 00 sized, ladder braced acoustic, similar to the better known LG1 but without the Spruce top. The tone is still dry and woody, but a little smoother...

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1966 Gibson LG1  –  £1849

1966 Gibson LG1 – £1849

SOLD  This 1966 Gibson LG1 is a great example of an affordable 60’s Gibson, with authentic tone that no modern guitar can come close to. Visually it’s just what you’d want from a 60’s Gibson, a...

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1969 Gibson J50  –  £1749

1969 Gibson J50 – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  This J50 is a real find, 1969 was the transitional year when Gibson changed from slope shouldered J50’s, so this is the only year you can get a 60's square shouldered J50. It's a...

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1974 Gibson SJ Deluxe  –  £1999

1974 Gibson SJ Deluxe – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a great example of a vintage Gibson square shouldered dreadnought. It has an iconic look with a faded tobacco sunburst Spruce top, beautifully complimented by a 3 point...

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