2014 Martin OMCPA4  –  £1099

2014 Martin OMCPA4 – £1099

NEW ARRIVAL  Martin launched the Performing Artist series in 2013. The idea was to produce an electro acoustic with the famous Martin build and tonal quality for the modern player wanting high end electrics and a cutaway. Using all solid tone woods, the guitar...

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2013 Martin D15M  –  £1149

2013 Martin D15M – £1149

NEW ARRIVAL  The American made 15 Mahogany series of guitars has become a very popular addition to Martin’s catalogue, but it’s quite unusual to find a dreadnought model. As well as it’s  distinctive good looks, the all Mahogany body gives a rich, warm sound, and the...

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2005 Martin OM-18V  –  £2499

2005 Martin OM-18V – £2499

SOLD  From Martin's highly acclaimed Vintage series, this OM-18V is a real looker. It features a Sitka Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides, has scalloped bracing, an Ebony fretboard and bridge, plus bone nut and saddle, and vintage style Waverley open-geared...

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1933 Martin R18  –  £2499

1933 Martin R18 – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  Only produced between 1932 and 1942, and changed to an F hole model in late 1933, this is a very rare example of a Martin R18 round soundhole archtop. It features a dark burst Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides, a hand engraved Martin tailpiece, and...

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2015 Martin Custom Shop 0-18  –  £1999

2015 Martin Custom Shop 0-18 – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  In 2015, the Martin Custom Shop built a small batch of 0-sized, 12 fret guitars featuring Sipo back and sides. Sipo is from the Mahogany family, with similar tonality, but more figured. Combined with the Sitka Spruce top and Grover open back tuners, the...

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1960 Martin 5-18  –  £2499

1960 Martin 5-18 – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  The Martin style 5-18 is the smallest guitar made by Martin; at the lower bout, it measures 11.25″, while at the upper bout it is 8.25″. And its body is just 16″ in length, with a scale of 21.4″. Guitars of this size were part of the Germanic tradition of...

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2006 Martin D18VS  –  £2499

2006 Martin D18VS – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  From Martin's Vintage Series - this is a dreadnought body size 12 fret guitar with a Sitka Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. It’s scallop braced, with a slot headstock, and features an Ebony fretboard and bridge, plus bone nut and saddle, and...

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1948 Martin 0-15  –  £3499

1948 Martin 0-15 – £3499

NEW ARRIVAL  This is a rare find, there were fewer 0-15’s made than the better known 00-15’s and 00-17’s, and such an early example is very special. The all Mahogany body gives warmth and depth to the woody tone, and the slightly smaller body than a 00 gives this...

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2019 Martin 000-12E  –  £999

2019 Martin 000-12E – £999

NEW ARRIVAL  The Martin 12 series is new to me, and I’m very pleasantly surprised. It features a solid Sitka Spruce top paired with a back and sides made from African Mahogany, with a fine Koa veneer. This gives the warm response of Mahogany with the striking looks of...

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2013 Martin 00-15M  –  £1199

2013 Martin 00-15M – £1199

NEW ARRIVAL  This American made, all Mahogany, Martin 00 size guitar in very good condition. The all Mahogany body gives a rich, warm sound and the 00 size body means the bass and treble response are very well balanced. Overall the guitar plays very well, looks really...

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1989 Martin J40R  –  £2199

1989 Martin J40R – £2199

SOLD  Also known as a 0000 size, the J40M is essentially a Martin jumbo. It features a Spruce top with Rosewood back and sides, scalloped bracing, and the deluxe appointments of a 40 series Martin including beautiful hexagonal abalone inlays, and Ebony fingerboard and...

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1938 Martin R17  –  £2199

1938 Martin R17 – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  Only produced between 1932 and 1942, Martin’s R series archtops are pretty hard to find, and it’s very unusual to find an all Mahogany archtop. Not the wood of choice at the time, but 80 years on and the Mahogany has aged and matured beautifully. It gives...

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