1972 Martin D28 – £3299

Feb 29, 2024 | Martin

1972 Martin D28 – £3299

NEW ARRIVAL  The D28 has been the go to acoustic for countless players over the years, and is pretty much the industry standard Spruce / Rosewood dreadnought. It has an uncannily familiar sound, and that’s because it’s on so many 70’s albums – from folk to Americana. Early 70’s examples are particularly desirable, as they’re the oldest non Brazilian Rosewood examples you can buy without breaking the bank. This 1972 guitar is a great example, it’s everything you’d want from one of the most famous acoustics in history. The bass is rich, the mids are clear and the trebles are crisp. It’s hugely versatile, and can turn it’s hand to all playing styles. The guitar is in very good condition with no cracks or repairs. The Spruce top has matured to a rich amber colour, contrasting beautifully with the tortoise pickguard, and the Rosewood back and sides have beautifully defined patina. The playability is easy with very comfortable action. The guitar comes in it’s very desirable original powder blue hard case. 

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