2018 Millman Custom 000 Sinker / Brazilian – £2299

Aug 9, 2023 | Others

2018 Millman Custom 000 Sinker / Brazilian – £2299

NEW ARRIVAL  Based in Devon, and having studied under Brook guitars, James Millman is fast gaining a reputation as an outstanding British luthier. His guitars are hand built in a very traditional way, and all his guitars are finished with a hand rubbed, organic oil finish and French polish. This custom built example is a 000 size, using some of the most desirable tone woods available. The top is Sinker Mahogany, and is paired with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. It has an Ebony fingerboard, and Brazilian Rosewood pyramid bridge, herringbone rosette and binding, and an elongated headstock to increase mass. As a final custom touch, the guitar features fan bracing which allows the entire body to resonate more. Tonally the guitar has great clarity, single note separation and sustain. It fingerpicks very evenly with great balance, and as a strummer it has a dynamic punch. The guitar has a genuine hand made feel, the tone and playability of which is excellent. The guitar comes in it’s original hard case. 

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