2018 Gibson J45 Mahogany – £1799

Apr 21, 2023 | Gibson

2018 Gibson J45 Mahogany – £1799

SOLD  In 2018 Gibson produced a limited edition of all Mahogany J45’s, but rather than put a sunburst finish on the top, like the Custom Shop J45 Mahogany, which harked back to the wartime Banner J45’s, they left it with a natural finish. Possibly one of the most distinctive looking J45’s I’ve seen, and it sounds like it looks – dark and rich. It’s one of the more bassy J45 models out there, very warm sounding, the mids are strong, and there’s just enough in the trebles to give a little sweetness. The guitar is a very strong strummer, quite deep and moody, with some real bite to – more dynamic  than a lot of J45’s with great clarity and sustain. It’s is in very good condition, with an almost invisible side crack repair, and good playability. The guitar has an LR Baggs VTC pickup system fitted, and comes in it’s original Gibson hard case. 

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