1938 Epiphone Olympic – £1849

Sep 30, 2022 | Gibson

1938 Epiphone Olympic – £1849

NEW ARRIVAL  This guitar is from Epiphone’s golden archtop age, when the company was still based in New York before they were bought by Gibson in 1957. 30’s and 40’s Epiphone archtops have long been considered among the best of their kind, and the Epiphone Olympic is now famous in it’s own right as the guitar of choice of David Rawlings. The guitar features a Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides, and has a bright, punchy tone with plenty of volume.  The dark sunburst is still vivid, and being a ’38 model is the first year to feature the now iconic Frequensator tailpiece. The guitar is in very good, all original condition, with no cracks or repairs, and fantastic playability. It comes in it’s original hard case.

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