1931 Epiphone Triumph – £1649

Nov 24, 2022 | Gibson

1931 Epiphone Triumph – £1649

NEW ARRIVAL  The Triumph was introduced in Epiphone’s original archtop line of 1931, with a 15 3/4″ lower bout, Walnut back and sides, 3 segment F holes, and the Masterbuilt block logo. By 1933 the body was increased to 16 3/8” with Maple back ad sides, and in 1936 it went up to 17 3/8” and remained with that specification until 1958. So a first year of issue model, in the rarest spec is quite a find. The guitar has a big, bright sound, with good clarity and definition. The Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with block inlays, and bound body and fingerboard are signs of real quality. Unusually for an arch top of this age, the action is good all the way along the neck, making the playability very easy. The guitar is in all original condition – although the Bakelite pickguard was painted over at some point – and very clean for it’s age. It even comes in it’s original hard case. 

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