1960 Martin 5-18 Terz - £1999

1960 Martin 5-18

SOLD The Martin style 5-18 is the smallest guitar made by Martin; at the lower bout, it measures 11.25″, while at the upper bout it is 8.25″. And its body is just 16″ in length, with a scale of 21.4″. Guitars of this size were part of the Germanic tradition of “Terz” guitars, designed to be tuned to a minor third – three frets higher than standard pitch and suitable for solo performances and harmony work. Though size 5 terz guitars are smaller, they produce as much volume and have as much (if not more) projection than a full-sized/standard-tuned instrument. They are quite playable tuned to standard pitch, but tuned at least two frets above standard pitch, their sound comes alive. The short scale and smaller body results in a very different sound with excellent tone, volume, and projection. The guitar features a Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides, Brazilian Rosewood bridge, fingerboard, and peghead veneer, and is in excellent, crack free condition, just upgraded Grover tuners. With the current fashion for parlour guitars, the 5-18 model comes into it’s own. Alternatively it could be the ultimate travel guitar The guitar comes in a non original, but snug fitting deluxe hard case.

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1979 Martin HD28 - £1999

1979 Martin HD28

NEW ARRIVAL Only introduced in 1976, finding a 70’s HD28 is quite a rarity. If you consider the Martin D28 to be the classic Spruce / Rosewood dreadnought, then the HD28 is a step above this - the Herringbone binding adding a very distinctive touch of class, and the scalopped bracing allowing the top to resonate more. So excellent clarity and definition, with greater attack and sustain. The guitar works well for all styles, from heavy strumming to flatpicking and fingerstyle. At 41 years old, the tone has matured really well, and the guitar is in very good condition, quite faded, and has a very comfortable feeling neck. It has a Fishman Matrix pickup fitted, and comes in a non original hard case.

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1975 Martin 000-28 - £2499

1975 Martin 000-28

SOLD The Martin 000-28 is a classic, one of the most versatile fingerstyle guitars around. This guitar is a real find, 70's examples don't turn up very often, and 60's examples are out of most peoples price bracket. It's in excellent condition, the Spruce top has matured beautifully into a dark golden colour, the Indian Rosewood back and sides are beautifully figured, and the neck feels very comfortable to play with good playing action. It has a fantastic ability to project sound with little to no effort at all, vastly increasing the dynamic range of the instrument - perfect for the guitarist who requires a guitar that can articulate the nuances of their playing most accurately. The guitar comes in it’s very desirable original blue hard case.

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2014 Martin D35E Retro - £2499

2014 Martin D35E Retro

With the Retro series of guitars, Martin have taken a ‘doner’ guitar that they think represents the classic tone of that particular model, and tried to replicate it both acoustically and amplified. With the D35 they’ve used a 1967 example, and tried to capture it’s tone and character. They’ve used a European Spruce soundboard with thin 1/4" width bracing, and 3 piece Indian Rosewood back, and coupled that with a High Performance Neck taper for easy action and enhanced playability. Unplugged it has a real bite to it’s tone with great clarity and excellent low end response. Plugged in they’ve used electronic imaging contributed from the 1967 vintage D-35 "donor" guitar, giving a very accurate vintage tone. The guitar is in excellent condition, and comes in it’s original hard case.

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2005 Martin D18V - £2199

2005 Martin D18V

SOLD This Martin D18V has all the high end characteristics associated with a vintage D18, plus 15 years of play which has added maturity to the tone. It features a Sitka Spruce top, which is a very powerful sounding tonewood, and solid Mahogany back and sides, which rounds out the Spruce's power, adding just the right amount of warmth to the sound. It also features forward shifted scalloped bracing which make the guitar very resonant with lots of sustain. Visually the guitar has all the signs of a very classy instrument - aged toner on the top, Tortoiseshell pickguard and binding, Ebony fingerboard and bridge, and a modified V profile neck. It’s in excellent condition, just a few light nicks and dings, and has an LR Baggs active underside pickup with a volume control mounted inside the soundhole, in it’s original hard case.

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1999 Martin D12-28 - £1599

1999 Martin D12-28

Martin D28's are know for having a wonderfully rich and resonant tone, so a 12 string version is quite amazing sounding. Hit a G chord and the sound fills the room, ringing beautifully and sustaining for ages. As a dreadnought the bass is full, but this guitar sounds great right across the bandwidth. It has a very comfortable neck, and a very playable action. The guitar is all original and in good condition, with no cracks or repairs, and has an underside pickup installed. It comes in it’s original hard case.

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2005 Martin 00015 - £1099

2005 Martin 00015

This is an American made, all Mahogany, Martin 000 size guitar in excellent condition. The all Mahogany body gives a rich, warm sound and the 000 size body means the bass and treble response are evenly balanced. Overall the guitar plays very well, looks really distinctive, and is hugely versatile working well for both strumming and fingerstyle. The guitar has a B Band underside pickup fitted with volume and tone controls mounted inside the soundhole, and comes in a non original hard case.

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1944 Martin 0-17 - £2399

1944 Martin 0-17

This is a rare find, there were fewer 0-17’s made than the better known 00-17’s, and such an early example is a real treat. The all Mahogany body gives warmth and depth to the woody tone, and the slightly smaller body than a 00 gives this guitar a more focused sound. Ideal for fingerpicking, this guitar has enough in the bass to handle strumming surprisingly well. The guitar is in well played condition, with lots of playwear, repaired top and back cracks, and side patches. The neck has a soft V profile and the action is very comfortable. It comes in a non original hard case.

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