2018 Montgomery Fan Fret – £1599

Apr 27, 2020 | Alternative

2018 Montgomery Fan Fret – £1599

SOLD  Continuing the strong Northern Irish tradition of high end acoustic guitar builders such as Lowden, Avalon and McIlroy, Montgomery is a relatively new name. But the build quality, feel and beautiful tone woods are just as impressive, and has unmistakable signs of high end quality. The guitar features a Sitka Spruce top with stunning Macassar Ebony back and sides. The Sycamore neck has an Ebony fingerboard, bound with beautiful Snakewood. The body features the same striking Snakewood binding, and rosette. The bridge and saddle are African Blackwood. The guitar is a concert size with 48mm nut and shallow profile, allowing good string spacing but not feeling too chunky. The whole idea of a fan fretted guitar is to give extra string length on the bass register, which gives a far tighter and richer response, and the shorter upper register strings allow for smoother and more bell like treble tone. Tonally the guitar works particularly well for fingerstyle, with great clarity and balance, and has a particular drive in the mid range when strummed. At only a year old, the guitar still has a new smell to it, and is in excellent condition. It comes in it’s original hard case.

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