2018 Gibson SJ200 Vintage Custom Shop – £3799

Jul 15, 2022 | Gibson

2018 Gibson SJ200 Vintage Custom Shop – £3799

SOLD  The Gibson SJ200 is one of the most loved acoustic guitars ever made. Its signature bright / full sound has been captured on countless records. With Gibson’s SJ200 Vintage, made in limited numbers, using a thermally aged Adirondack Red Spruce top, they tried to make a modern SJ200 with an authentic vintage tone. This model was put together by a very small team in Montana and the quality really shows. Gibson have done their very best to make this a period-accurate acoustic guitar. It’s been made using hide glue to bind it all together, which creates the most solid connection between woods, allowing all the individual parts of the guitar to work as one for the ultimate resonance and sustain. The guitar has a smoother hand rubbed and oiled fingerboard and bridge, and the nitrocellulose lacquer is hand rubbed to create a vintage finish. The classic pickguard contrasts beautifully with the dark burst, and the aged tuners add to the authenticity The guitar is in very good condition, with one visible lacquer crack by the bass side waist, and some light scuffs around the top of the headstock. The neck feels comfortable and the action plays very easily. It has a K and K Pure pickup fitted and, as a final touch of class, the guitar comes in a period correct  hardcase which has a brown leather finish with a pink fabric interior. 

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