2015 Gibson Stage Deluxe Rosewood – £2499

Apr 28, 2020 | Gibson

2015 Gibson Stage Deluxe Rosewood – £2499

NEW ARRIVAL  The Stage Deluxe is a Custom Shop meticulous rendition of a very rare and sought-after guitar from a formative period in Gibson’s illustrious history. It’s based on Gibson’s most powerful flat top model of the 1930’s with an extra deep, round shoulder body design, featuring Adirondack Red Spruce top with Rosewood back & sides, 12 fret neck join, wide x-bracing and classic “V” neck. This is the model made famous by Roy Smeck, although to be accurate, given the Rosewood back and sides, it’s a remake of a Radio Grande. Either way, to find an original is tough, and to be able to afford one is even tougher….. Tonally the guitar has a wider, more developed tone especially in the treble range, and was actually known as the “grand piano of acoustic guitars.” The guitar is in excellent condition, just the odd nick and ding here and there, and has an LR Baggs Lyric pickup fitted.  It comes in it’s original deluxe hard case. 

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