2012 Gibson J45 TV True Vintage – £2749

Apr 26, 2022 | Gibson

2012 Gibson J45 TV True Vintage – £2749

SOLD  The Gibson J45 is one of the most loved acoustic guitars ever made – it’s signature warm / dark sound has been captured on countless records. With Gibson’s True Vintage model, made in limited numbers, using an Adirondack Red Spruce top, they tried to make a modern J45 with an authentic vintage tone. This model was put together by a very small team in Montana and the quality really shows. Gibson have done their very best to make this a period-accurate acoustic guitar – even down to using the same small button tuners, a teardrop pickguard, and the headstock has the ‘Only A Gibson Is Good Enough’ banner logo. The guitar has been made using hide glue to bind it all together, which creates the most solid connection between woods, allowing all the individual parts of the guitar to work as one for the ultimate resonance and sustain. The guitar has a smoother hand rubbed and oiled fingerboard and bridge, and the hand sprayed nitrocellulose lacquer is hand rubbed to create a vintage finish. The guitar is in excellent condition, with only very light signs of playwear, and some buckle wear on the back. It has an active Fishman pickup fitted, with volume control mounted inside the soundhole. As a final touch of class, the guitar comes in a period correct  hardcase which has a brown tolex finish with a pink fabric interior.

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