2012 Gibson Advanced Jumbo – £2199

Sep 9, 2022 | Gibson

2012 Gibson Advanced Jumbo – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  The Advanced Jumbo is a fine example of why Gibson’s reissue series is so important. The AJ was first introduced in the 1930’s, and only 300 were made. So very few people will ever have the privilege of playing one. When Gibson reintroduced the model on 1990, it made the very rare model available for everyone. It’s a very important model in the Gibson arsenal, being a slope shouldered dreadnought with Rosewood back and sides and and advanced X bracing pattern. This means that the guitar is capable of producing great volume with a thunderous bass, and great articulation. Plus the looks are just stunning – a beautiful tobacco burst with firestripe pickguard, vertical diamond and arrow fingerboard inlays, and a Script logo on the headstock. The guitar is in very good condition, with just light signs of playwear. The guitar comes in it’s original Gibson embossed hard case.

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