2012 Collings 0001 ASB – £3599

Apr 5, 2023 | Others

2012 Collings 0001 ASB – £3599

SOLD  This 0001 ASB is quite a rare find – an Adirondack Spruce / Honduras Mahogany 12 fret 000, built to Collings’ fantastic specification. It’s a classic fingerpickers guitar, with dynamic attack, great depth, and incredible sustain. The volume it can produce when pushed makes it a fantastic strummer as well – a real all rounder. The beautifully faded sunburst finish and classic lines makes the guitar a real looker too. It is incredibly well balanced, with amazing clarity and definition. Perfect for stage or the studio, it’s seriously one of the best modern guitars you will ever play. It’s in very good condition, with just a few light dings on the lower bout, treble side. The guitar has an active LR Baggs pickup fitted, and comes in it’s original luxury hard case.

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