1999 Nick Benjamin JOM – £2199

Jul 8, 2021 | Others

1999 Nick Benjamin JOM – £2199

SOLD  Nick Benjamin guitars are a well kept secret amongst acoustic players. His entry level guitars start at £4500 with a 2 year waiting list. So to find one of his fine instruments on the second hand market is pretty rare. This beautiful example is what Nick describe as a Jumbo OM body, featuring a Cedar top with Mahogany back and sides, with Ebony fingerboard and bridge, and black Gotoh tuners. The guitar has a very slightly arched top and back, with tall narrow bracing, so more air is allowed to move inside the body, with more resonance. These features, plus the high build quality make the guitar very responsive, highly articulate, with strongly defined single notes, very balanced and even sounding. The reason this guitar is priced so much lower than any other NIck Benjamin, is that the guitar has just come to me from luthier Paul Toon who re-topped the guitar – he’s done a superb job. The guitar is in excellent condition, with one noticeable wear patch on the neck between the 9th and10th fret. It comes in it’s original Hiscox flight case. 

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