1994 Santa Cruz VA Vintage Artist – £2799

Mar 30, 2022 | Others

1994 Santa Cruz VA Vintage Artist – £2799

NEW ARRIVAL  In 1991, Richard Hoover collaborated with vintage experts to identify the most desirable qualities of the iconic Martin Pre-War D-18. Doc Watson was one of the key contributors, chosen because of his appreciation of the clarity of Mahogany’s tone and his requirements for playability. He eventually went on to own the prototype which became known as the Vintage Artist – he said “This is the Dreadnought I’ve been looking for all my life.” The Santa Cruz Vintage Artist is THE instrument for those seeking that tone reminiscent of the most respected Pre-War guitars. To achieve the characteristic EQ and tone of the legendary Doc Watson, this instrument features an advanced, scalloped X-bracing for powerful bass, complimented by the clear tone and definition of master grade Mahogany. The guitar is in excellent condition and, with 28 years under it’s belt, has the maturity to produce the tone required to produce those wonderful deep, warm, smooth sounds. The guitar has a bridge doctor fitted which keeps the top flat, and comes in it’s original hard case. 

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