1979 Martin HD28 – £1999

Apr 27, 2020 | Martin

1979 Martin HD28 – £1999

 Visually the only obvious difference between a D28 and an HD28 is the herringbone binding, but that’s only half the story. The internal bracing of an HD28 is scalloped, and therefore allows the top to resonate more. This produces greater resonance and sustain, making the HD28 a more vibrant sounding guitar. Only introduced in 1976, it quickly became a classic, very popular with strummers and pickers alike. Very versatile, a real all rounder, with that extra resonance that lifts it in the mix. This 1979 model is an early example, and at 41 years old, the tone has matured really well, and the guitar is in very good condition, quite faded, and has a very comfortable feeling neck. It has a Fishman Matrix pickup fitted, and comes in a non original hard case.

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