1979 Martin D18 – £1999

Sep 30, 2021 | Martin

1979 Martin D18 – £1999

NEW ARRIVAL  As 60’s Martins are becoming more expensive and harder to find, 70’s equivalents are becoming the more affordable option. This guitar is 42 years old and wonderfully matured, with a richness and resonance so few newer guitars can even hope to come close to. It’s a great example of one of those guitar you play and it sets your mind racing, because it just sounds so familiar, exactly like the acoustic sound you hear on so many classic 60’s and 70’s albums – it just has that wonderful tone. It is in very good condition for it’s age, with a beautifully figured top which has turned a dark honey colour, and it’s fair share of nicks or dings. With a Spruce top, and Mahogany back and sides the guitar produces very warm tones lending itself to strumming, yet is versatile enough to handle fingerstyle playing very easily. The guitar comes in it’s original hard case. 

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