1970 Gibson J45 Custom – £2199

Apr 29, 2021 | Gibson

1970 Gibson J45 Custom – £2199

SOLD  This J45 is a one off, built in the Kalamazoo factory in 1970 by a Gibson employee. Gibson allowed him to use any parts from their store to build a beautiful slope shoulder J45. In 1970 Gibson had switched to making the J45 a square shoulder guitar, so this is something of a rarity. The fit, feel and finish are exactly what you’d expect from what is essentially a 60’s style J45. More recently the guitar’s been upgraded by Jamie Davey of J Davey Guitars. He refinished the guitar with gold open back tuners, a Script Gibson headstock logo, and an LR Baggs Element pickup. Tonally it has a very familiar sound, similar to lots of 60’s and 70’s singer songwriter recordings, warm, rich and lush. Strummed it has a full, smooth tone, and fingerpicked it has the clarity to cut through in a mix. The tone has really mellowed over the last 51 years, plus there are age related nicks and dings that add to the character. The neck is comfortable and the action is very easy. It comes in it’s original 70’s Gibson embossed hard case. 

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