1968 Gibson Hummingbird – £2499

Apr 27, 2020 | Gibson

1968 Gibson Hummingbird – £2499

SOLD A cherry sunburst Hummingbird is probably my favourite Gibson model, and probably the most iconic looking. This example from 1968 is visually stunning – the cherry sunburst is still vivid, and the quilted Mahogany back and sides are quite stunning, plus there’s lots of cool looking lacquer checking all over. The tone is everything you’d want from such an iconic guitar, it really is reminiscent of so many great 60’s recordings. The bass is full and warm, the mids are rich and the trebles are sweet. The guitar is in good condition with some professionally repaired top cracks, and a modern Gibson headstock grafted on. The guitar has a really solid feel to it, the neck is snug feeling, and the action is comfortable. The guitar comes in it’s original hard case. 

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