1968 Epiphone El Dorado – £2199

Nov 3, 2020 | Gibson

1968 Epiphone El Dorado – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  Gibson bought Epiphone in 1957, and moved it to the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1960. Epiphones were then built in the Gibson factory from 1960 – 1969 until being transferred to Japan in early 1970. So buying a 60’s Epiphone gets you a USA made, Gibson produced guitar. The El Dorado is a deluxe model, featuring diamond fingerboard and headstock inlays, a bound neck and multi bound back and sides. It’s the equivalent to a Gibson Hummingbird or Country Western, only at a more affordable price. This example has that iconic 60’s Gibson / Epiphone sound, a deep bass with balanced mids and trebles. The cherry sunburst top is still vibrant, and the guitar is in good but played condition with several scuffs and dings, but no cracks or repairs. The action is good and it’s a dream to play with a slim, fast neck. It comes in a non original hard case.

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