1967 Gibson J45 – £1999

Jun 12, 2021 | Gibson

1967 Gibson J45 – £1999

SOLD  This 1967 J45 has one of the most beautifully faded cherry sunburst finishes I’ve seen, really eye catching, and contrasting beautifully with the tortoise pickguard. Tonally it has a very familiar sound, similar to lots of 60’s and 70’s singer songwriter recordings, warm, rich and lush, Strummed it has a full, smooth tone, and fingerpicked it has the clarity to cut through. It feels like it’s been played every day of it’s 54 years, the tone has mellowed so much, it has great looking lacquer checking, and just oozes character. Now here’s the thing – the guitar had a neck brake in 2005 – so it was sent to Robbie Gladwell, a well known Gibson endorsed luthier, who fitted a 2005 Gibson neck. Now the guitar has all that 60’s vibe and tone, but plays like a modern guitar, so you get the best of both worlds, but at a more affordable price. The guitar plays and sounds great, the neck is comfortable and the action is very easy. It comes in a non original hard case.

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