1965 Gibson Southern Jumbo – £2599

Nov 5, 2020 | Gibson

1965 Gibson Southern Jumbo – £2599

NEW ARRIVAL  For me this is one of the most iconic looking Gibson acoustic guitars – a square shouldered dreadnought with a three point tortoiseshell pickguard, a dark sunburst top, and eye catching pearl split parallelogram fingerboard inlays. Also it’s unusual to see such a beautifully figured Mahogany back. This guitar has all the unmistakable characteristics of a 60’s Gibson dreadnought which makes them sound so familiar, when you start playing your mind starts racing as it sounds like so many of the great 60’s recordings – mellow, smooth, warm and rich. The bound neck makes it feel very easy to play – 1 11/16” rather than the skinny necks of the late 60’s – and the action is set just right. The guitar is in good condition, with three tightly repaired top cracks, plus a few dings and light scratches and good honest playwear. The guitar comes in a non original hard case. 

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