1964 Hofner Verithin Stereo – £999

May 19, 2021 | Alternative

1964 Hofner Verithin Stereo – £999

NEW ARRIVAL  The Hofner Verithin was introduced in 1960, and quickly became their most popular model. As US imports were very thin on the ground in the 60’s, the Verithin took the place of Gibson’s ES335 for a lot of European players. The model underwent several changes through the years, and in 1964 a Stereo version was made available. It’s unclear just how many stereo versions were produced, but it’s the rarest and therefore possibly the most desirable model. This example is in great, playable condition, all original other than upgraded Schaller tuners, and a well worn neck. Tonally it’s a very versatile guitar, able to take you right through the sound spectrum, and the added stereo feature is a real bonus. 

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