1959 Hofner President – £899

Oct 20, 2021 | Alternative

1959 Hofner President – £899

NEW ARRIVAL  Hofner guitars have become very collectable, and represent a great way of buying a cool vintage archtop without paying a high price. The President is the top of the range model above the Congress and Senator – a sign of this is the hand carved solid top, and binding on the body and neck, inside the f-holes and on the headstock. This example features the addition of a Bigsby and Aristone pickups mounted on a mirror fronted pickguard with volume and tone controls, and selector switch. The guitar was originally an acoustic, so the unplugged tone is great, but plugged in it becomes really versatile. It has a great tone, perfect for jazz, blues and swing, right through to rockabilly and rock ’n’ roll. The guitar’s in good condition, with it’s share of bumps and bruises, and a few crack repairs, and comes in a non original hard case. 

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