1953 Gibson SJ – £3799

May 20, 2021 | Gibson

1953 Gibson SJ – £3799

ON HOLD  Early 50’s SJ’s are becoming very difficult to find, and as such are amongst the most desirable Gibson flat tops around. This example is a bit of a rarity in itself, as it was re-topped and refinished by Gibson about 20 years ago. So the tone is classic Gibson, the nearly 70 year old Mahogany back and sides producing that instantly recognisable thump in the bass, but the modern top adds a sparkle in the mids and very clear trebles. Plus the finish is just stunning. The neck has the familiar early 50’s Gibson chunky feel, and the playability is great. It’s a great example of a 50’s SJ at a far more affordable price. The guitar comes a non original Gibson hard case. 

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