1946 Gibson L48 – £2199

Jul 28, 2021 | Gibson

1946 Gibson L48 – £2199

NEW ARRIVAL  1946, one year after Banner Gibson’s were produced, is the only year Gibson produced guitars with the large Script logo without the Banner. By 1947 the more familiar squared logo came into production. 1946 is also the first year of production of the L48, so this is a particularly rare guitar. It’s a classic example of a Spruce topped archtop with Maple back and sides stained Walnut. The tone is darker and richer than most Maple back and sided archtops I’ve played, very full sounding, although there’s the tell tale sparkle in the trebles that makes Maple so popular. The neck is full and chunky feeling, and the action is very comfortable. The guitar’s in very good, all original condition, with just one repaired crack on the bottom rim, close to the end pin. The original pickguard and tuners are particularly eye catching. The other thing of note is that not only does the guitar come in it’s original hard case, but it still has it’s original bill of sale. The guitar just reeks of history.

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