1943 Levin Model 47 – £749

May 6, 2022 | Others

1943 Levin Model 47 – £749

NEW ARRIVAL  Levin are best known for their 60’s Goliath model, famously played by Pete Townsend and Eric Clapton, among many others. They also have a great reputation for making beautiful archtops, which are now very desirable. So it’s interesting to back to the start with their early 40’s flat tops. The Model 47 was introduced in 1940 and discontinued in 1947, meaning this is an early example. It features a Spruce top with Walnut back and sides, and a vivid tobacco sunburst. it also has ladder bracing, usually found on smaller body guitars, which gives the guitar a bluesy tone – very unusual to hear on a bigger bodied guitar. It has a fairly full feeling neck, and medium action, making it great for fingerstyle play. The guitar’s in very good condition for it’s age, with it’s share of wear and tear, and a couple of tightly repaired side cracks. Not just a piece of history, but a really useable guitar with plenty of vibe. 

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