1930’s Supertone Parlour – £499

Sep 4, 2020 | Others

1930’s Supertone Parlour – £499

NEW ARRIVAL  Don’t be fooled by the price, 30’s Supertones are fantastic blues machines, especially for Delta blues and slide guitar. These models featured solid soundboards made from slab-sawn Birch and feature ladder bracing, and this is the secret to Supertone’s midrange blues tone: Every sound-searching guitarist should own at least one old Chicago made blues box. Don’t expect a high end snap like a Martin, Supertones honk and growl like the sound from an old 78 record. These guitars were made in the Harmony factory in Chicago and feature all solid woods, Poplar necks with a non-adjustable steel reinforced neck. This particular example has a beautifully faded tobacco burst, with a decorative stencil design around the soundhole. It’s in all original condition, with no cracks or repairs. 

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