1919 Gibson L Jr – £1749

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1919 Gibson L Jr – £1749

NEW ARRIVAL  Only produced between 1919 – 1925, this as a very desirable first year of issue L Jr. The most noticeable difference between this and later examples is ‘The Gibson’ headstock logo – later versions had no logo at all. Built just after the first World War, over 100 years ago, this L Jr has aged well and remains a beautiful and really playable guitar. A small archtop with round soundhole, carved Birch and Spruce body and a short scale neck. Jack White can often be seen playing one of these old Gibson Jr’s . It has a warm, thumpy sort of tone, that can play a number of different roles from country-blues to strumming to fingerpicked sweetness to raspy gypsy-jazz lead work. It’s a surprisingly versatile guitar. The feel of the guitar is just great, really playable. It has two tightly repaired top cracks, a filled back centre seam, and has been oversprayed. Not only is this an important piece of Gibson history, it’s also a super cool guitar. It comes in a non original hard case. 

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