1890’s Howe Orme Cylinder Top – £5999

Dec 9, 2022 | Others

1890’s Howe Orme Cylinder Top – £5999

NEW ARRIVAL  After having had a Larson Brothers guitar in stock recently, I thought I’d played the best sounding acoustic ever. Until now. This Howe Orme is just amazing. The Adirondack Spruce top has a Cylinder design which looks very unusual, and sounds unbelievable. The Brazilian Rosewood back and sides are far more traditional, and just beautiful to look at. Then there’s the neck join – it’s attached by a hinge and a wood dowel, and two capstan bolts allow you to change the action to whatever you want. A design way ahead of it’s time. And the sound – just magnificent. It’s open and clear, really detailed and subtle. A thing of beauty, a real rarity, a piece of history, and a really cool guitar. As you’d expect from a 130 year old guitar, there are a few age related crack repairs, all tight, and still allow the body to resonate and sustain very impressively. The playability is great, with a comfortable feeling neck and easy action. So, a piece of history, ahead of it’s time, that doesn’t feel like you need kid gloves to play. It comes in a Hiscox flight case. 

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